The Dark Side of us all

We all have a Dark Side, a side that we really don’t like to think about, the one that makes us slow down and look for blood, or look to see if someone is hurt in that crash alongside the road. While we won’t usually admit this is the real reason we are slowing down, it is, we all know it inside, humans are after all creatures and we have an interest in the macabre. We are just animals, we can rationalize it all we want but when it comes down to it we are just animals and we still have all of those primal instincts ingrained into our DNA. Those instincts are what keep us alive, if you strip humans of their ability to rationalize, our ability to think clearly, we still have our most basic instincts to fall back upon to keep us alive.

We as humans have a primal curiosity for things that are deemed illegal or considered the gray area of societal norms, we are curious creatures by nature and that will never change. That curiosity is what got man where he is today, if we didn’t have the urge to explore, create and discover we’d still be living in caves and hunting with sticks….

You might be wondering where I’m going with all this, well I’ve officially got my other site up and running, and on that site I intend to explore the gray or dark areas of society and attempt to satisfy curiosities of my own and others hopefully. On 666 I will be exploring a bit of everything I can and hopefully shed light on some of these things that are considered out of the societal norm.

The tagline is  ‘The Darker side of Computing..sort of’ but it’s going to be more than that, so drop by when you can and have a look, maybe you’ll come back again and maybe not. It won’t be updated everyday, but a few times per week with something I find to focus on that is not of the norm or is something that society deems undesirable  to discuss.

I’ve always liked the dark things in life and I have no shame in that…. so if you’re bored stop by