HIS Radeon HD 7850 2GB PCIE Video Card Review



" Today I’ve got a rather large review for you with a lot to cover. Today for review I’ve got the HIS Radeon 7850 video card and I’ve put it through it’s paces thoroughly including gaming, Eyefinity and overclocking. HIS has also just came out with a new software program called iTurbo that can help you adjust many of your video card settings including the fan and overclocking. When all was said and done I have to say that I’m very much impressed with what this card can do and I think you will be as well. So read on… "

ARCTIC P531 5.1 Headset Review



"Headphones are great for gaming and watching movies when you need to be quiet. I’ve got small children and I like to watch movies and  play games at night time, late at night, and my kids need to sleep. What I have for review today very much helps me accomplish that and more of course. I’ve got the ARCTIC P531 5.1 Headset for gamers for review today, these feature a USB connection and not actual audio connections which I think makes life easier and. Having the USB connection allows you to just plug it into a front port, but if you don’t have a motherboard equipped with surround sound it doesn’t mater as the P531 headset has a built-in digital sound processor. This headset is for gamers so as you might expect it has a microphone and a lot of padding for comfort so they can be worn for long periods of time.  "

Update and linkage time!

Been a long time for an update, I’m just a very busy person, and my down time is spent just relaxing and watching some Netflix..  I used to play games to relax but now I’ve got several games for review, it’s still fun, but it’s still work because I’m taking screenshots and recording in-game videos.. anyway, here’s some links to my latest stuff:


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Upgrading to Windows 7

Thrustmaster Tennis Duo Pack NW Dual Racket Pack for Nintendo Wii

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PowerMobile Advanced Emergency Charger

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Bluetooth Mini Mouse

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Busy, Busy Busy…. wow…

So I’m a busy little bee… and it’s great.

I’m writing on another site now, Bona Fide Reviews. Let’s just say the site has changed hands, and is moving in a new direction now.

So as of now I write for or should I say manage.. oh well, something like that…






and Bona Fide Reviews

So I’m keeping very busy, and it’s great… life is good I think…

at least it’s getting better.. this year started out pretty bad with my Mom dying in February and then my Grandmother in April… but I’m getting back into the swing of things. Keeping busy is a great way to keep your mind off other things in life, but I was fairly depressed for a while there, even though I really didn’t show it.. Especially my Mother dying, yes she was sick, but something me kept hoping she would get better and continue living, but it wasn’t meant to be I guess…

Darkest of Days Review


The other day I posted my review of Darkest of Days for Xbox360 over on TestFreaks..

The premise behind the game is a good one, but it just wasn’t well thought out really

The idea of time travel is a good one, but the game leaves you hanging at the end, like it’s unfinished, and running on the Xbox frame rates are choppy, and the AI is just downright stupid…  hit the link above for the full review..

Over on iGadget Life I’m running a series of review of programs that convert and/or rip dvds and videos to use on the iPod, I’ve just posted the 4th one last night of the Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum and it’s not a bad one, but a bit expensive at $39

So far I’ve checked out:

Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum

Extra Video Converter Pro

WinX iPod Video Converter

WinX DVD to iPod Ripper

and there’s more to come!

I also did a comparison of Windows XP and Windows 7 Running on my Acer Aspire One D250 Netbook as well, and I’ve got a second part coming tomorrow comparing 1gig to 2gigs using Windows 7 on the Acer..

An update…

Been a while since I’ve updated anything here huh?

Oh well, I’m just way too busy, my capture card died for capturing videos from game consoles, ordered another one but it was DOA, so I had to get it replaced, and of course more games kept coming in for review, I’m like way backed up on console games now..but I spent all day this past Saturday and Sunday just playing games and capturing videos from them for the Wii and Xbox360.

This past Christmas I bought my kids these cheapie little digital cameras, no LCD on the or anything like that, but they liked them quite a bit, but there was recently a Woot Off where they had little Disney 3mp digital camera for $12, so I bought them those ones, they’re not bad, they’re got the LCD on them, expandable with SD cards etc. They’re not bad, especially for the price, and considering they’re for kids they work fine really. It was funny, the other day they were pretending to be product reviewers, I just had to laugh, they think my job is so wonderful, especially the part about playing games… oh well

also I was asked to be a guest blogger or reviewer over on Connect Reviews which was rather cool, I reviewed a cute and yet disturbing Teddy Bear USB Drive.. review is HERE

We’re expanding a bit over at TestFreaks, I put an ad up on CraigsList looking for writers and surprisingly I got quite a few responses to it, one of the caveats in the ad was that I was also looking for female writers to get a female perspective, and I got quite a few who responded, so things are progressing along nicely with that.

Busy and loving it, and I got a new ipod!


So believe it or not I’ve never owned an ipod, I’ve got a few mp3 players that work fine for me, and even those have been sort of retired in favor of using my ATT Tilt as my media player, but I got the 4th Gen Ipod Nano, the Product Red color, and I really like it, especially the accelerometer feature, though they need to get more games for it to utilize it better for that… overall though I think it’s kinda cool, not sure how much use I’ll get out of it, but it’ll come in handy for reviewing ipod accessories, and we all know there’s tons of those out there..