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This is my blog, there are many like it…..

-Due to some circumstances and blog being hacked there are a couple months of blog posts missing, but I’ve been online since February 2007 if that matters

Anyway.. This is my blog, here you’ll find random thoughts about things in my life, but you’ll also find Sneek Peeks of products I got for review, and news about my main site Technogog and other things I feel like blogging about including even some reviews right here in this site.

About me, well, I’m nobody special really, I enjoy what I do, I review products and software. I very much enjoy reviewing products, not just technology either, pretty much anything. I want to be able to get something and give my honest opinion of it so maybe I can help someone make an informed decision.

In my ‘previous life’ I was a chef for many, many years, but due to some health issues I can’t do that anymore so I do this kind of stuff.

I personally have over 1000+ reviews to my name now, and a many articles as well. I do like getting new stuff yes, but it’s more about being on the ‘cutting edge’ of things. Most of the products I get for review I give away to family, friends, or whoever…

I own four sites including this one that you’re on right now.

Technogog – A new kind of review site, we review a little bit of everything and post about all kinds of stuff, not just technology

DragonSteelMods – Product review site

Review the Tech – Product review and news site

I also occasionally write and review for my friends site at MobilityDigest.com

I also dabble in WordPress setup and design, I’ve done several of them now, including all of mine. If you want some help with your site, let me know, maybe I can help you out.

So I keep very busy…

I’m married and I’m the father of three wonderful little boys, and I just try to get by and attempt to enjoy life as it is…

Ok, here’s new picture of me, taken with a Samsung Propel cellphone on November 13th 2008.. I was waiting for a friend at his place of business to help him out with some stuff, and I got to playing with the phone as it was for review…




Email me:

me @ kristoferbrozio.com

kbrozio @ gmail.com


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

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