Daily Archives: September 18, 2007

Viagra traffic sign?!?

Ok,. I drive by this sign at least once every day, and have done so for years, I finally decided to grab my camera and take a picture of it….

This sign looks like the stages of an Erection…  we like to call it the ‘Erection Sign’ for obvious reasons.. but almost every time I see it I have to sort of giggle… (yeah I know childish and all that, but you gotta admit it’s funny!)

If you click the pics they will open to a very large resolution picture of 2272×1704 .. I thought maybe someone might like to use it for their desktop wallpaper! heh!

SO now we need to come up with a caption for it to make it more interesting….

Maybe Viagra should use this sign for a new advertisement for their wonder drug!

Some slogans for them possibly:

‘On the road of life there’s only one way to go : Viagra’

‘The way to get ‘ahead’  in life’

Dunno… come up with some others.. I know you can!