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September Giveaway at DragonSteelMods

September Giveaway at DragonSteelMods

September Giveaway at DragonSteelMods

If you’ve noticed we’ve re-done the site finally, and sort of in honor of that we’ve decided to do a giveaway with a bunch of products from our great sponsors! Some of the products that are reviewed this month will be given away after the review and some companies have sent me two products, one to review and one to give away. Evercool was also kind enough to send three products as well to give away to our readers, and Ultra is providing a new 800Watt X3 Modular PSU and OCZ their Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse, so check often to see what’s being given away.

So far this month we’ve got to give away:

Ultra X3 800Watt PSU

OCZ Equalizer gaming Mouse
15 Death Note Cellphone Charms from Strapya World
Xbox 360 Cooling Fan from Evercool
Fii Turbo Cooling Fan for Wii from Evercool
Fairy Laptop Cooling fan from Evercool

I’ll be adding to the list of things to give away as the month progresses so be sure to check back often!!!

Also in the news, Xoxide is now an official sponsor of DragonSteelMods so be sure to visit them and check out all their cool products and great specials.