Daily Archives: September 1, 2007

One thousand watts of power…

Looking back to not long ago I never really would have thought computer systems might need a 1000Watt Power Supply, I mean that’s a whole lot of power and we’re into the abbreviation range now, we’d call it 1kw instead of writing out 1000Watt!

The reason I was thinking of this is because I just finished up a review of an Ultra X3 1000Watt or 1Kw power supply and as I was testing it and even writing the review it dawned on me how fast things have changed in the PC world that we demand that much power.

And that’s nothing, Ultra just released the worlds first 16Kw power supply as well, that’s 1600Watts folks, I mean you need a dedicated breaker just for that in your house to run full tilt.  The boys over at HardOCP or actually Hard Enthusiast just reviewed it and found it to be excellent as well as a whole lotta power!

I mean think about it, I was curious so I checked out my fridge and it runs at 517.50 watts, it’s mid-range model, not cheap not fancy just the basic average fridge. So that 16Kw PSU is like running more than 3 refrigerators!! Of course that’s only if you are fully using the entire 1600Watts, and then in reality you are pulling more than that because it takes more watts than those 1600 to make that 1600. You’re converting your household AC into DC to power your computer… I mean wow, maybe buying stock in the electric company might help offset some of those electric bills eh?

Dunno just my thoughts for the day..