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Let’s Talk with Puppy Dog!

A few of you out there who read my blog are parents, and even if you aren’t you may have a brother, sister, niece or nephew that might love these DVDs as much as my kid does!

I stop in the local Dollar Tree every once in a while to pick up little stuff, and they sometimes have DVD’s and such for $1 each. So last month I stopped in and saw these DVDs for little kids (ages infant to 3 years) called ‘Let’s Talk with Puppy Dog‘ so I thought they looked interesting and decided to grab a couple of them.

I brought them home and popped one of the DVDs in for my 2 year old and an amazing thing happened, for the first time ever I saw him sit on the couch and watch TV, he sat there and watched the entire episode of Puppy Dog. I was amazed by this, normally he couldn’t care less about TV, he does like Teletubbies sometimes, but he loses interest when the tubbies are not actually on, but with Puppy Dog he sat there just staring.

I ended up getting all of the episodes:

-All About ABC’s

-All About Animals

-All About Shapes

-All About Counting

-Baby Phonics

The ‘All About’ ones are just great and Vincent loves them, the ‘phonics’ one is totally different than the others and he’s not quite interested in it as the others.

I’ve never seem him really excited about something as he is with these DVDs now, I’ll pick him up from Daycare and he’ll be talking about Puppy Dog on the way home! He actually gets involved with the show and talks along repeating things and trying to do the things they do. Like hopping like a rabbit, or making shapes with your hands and other things they do. In the beginning of the DVDs it starts out with a big ‘Hi Puppy Dog!’ and Vincent is right along with it saying ‘Hi Puppy Dog’ and other parts he’s right along with them, he’s discovered DVDs now and he won’t let anyone watch anything else, we have to have Puppy Dog on.

The Animations are a bit kooky, and the entire thing is kinda goofy, for adults anyway, but for kids it’s great. It’s bright, colorful and lots of fun, as I said I’ve never seem my son involved in anything or as excited about anything as he is now with Puppy Dog!

If you’re a parent try and get these for you child, you will not regret it!

Here’s some info from the ‘Let’s Talk with Puppy Dog’ website:

At the Creative Learning Company, we treasure that magical moment in a child’s development when they speak their first words. The Let’s Talk! with Puppy Dog Videos nurture this precious time by engaging young children in cheerful language-focused play activities. This imaginative series is based on a unique Creative Learning Method that invites kids to speak up and play along. With each viewing, children learn more, speak more, and gain confidence.

Developed by educators and parents (and tested with kids!), the Puppy Dog series has already won several National Awards, including Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio Video Products and Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products.

It truly is magic when children begin to talk. Join in the fun as they experience and delight in Puppy Dog’s fun-filled world of speaking!

and NO, this is not a paid advertisement… I just found something very cool that I felt really needed to be shared with other parents out there….