Need a great motherboard?

I’ve got my review up of the EVGA 680i SE motherboard model 122-ck-nf63-tr, over at DSM and in my time with it I’ve come to love it. It’s just great, and I haven’t had any problems at all with it.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading your system to a better chipset then this could be what you need…  so stop on by and check out my review, I also picked up a couple EVGA 8600GTS video cards as well to pair up with the motherboard, that review will be up in a few days..


Technology is an ever changing landscape of advancements and new ideas being implemented all the time with new versions of products being released every time we turn our backs. I don’t know if it’s the technology companies or the game producers that are the ones to blame for the constant upgrading cycles we as a consumer have to put up with, but we do it because we basically have to if we want to have the latest and greatest hardware and play the newest games being released. I’ve recently upgraded from an NF650i based system to an NF680i based system, the board I have now is an EVGA nForce 680i SE SLI Version, specifically the 122-CK-NF63-TR model number. The SE in the title stands for ‘Special Edition’, though I’m not quite sure why it has that moniker attached to it. There are several versions of the EVGA 680i based motherboards and I picked the one that had the features I really wanted and needed, along with the fairly low price point for a board of this caliber. So continue on as I explore this board and run it through some tests, I can say that in my time with it I have found it to be an excellent and very stable board with no problems whatsoever…

 Click HERE to read the review, I’ve got tons of pictures and a few tests comparing it to my 650i chipset motherboard