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Review of Ohuhu 12-inch Good Grips Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs

I love of good pair of tongs, yeah I know that’s weird, but it’s true, good tongs for cooking are hard to come by really as you need to keep looking. I’ve owned numerous pairs over the years and I’ve had numerous pairs because they just weren’t that good. Today for review I’ve got the Good Grips stainless steel locking tongs from Ohuhu and I very much like these. They have rubber grips on the handles to make sure you keep hold of your food

Review of OmeGod SLR Lens 24-105mm Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug Cup


Gotta have my coffee in the morning, I get up before everyone else to just have my coffee in peace before I start the day. Up for review today I’ve got a cup or mug that can be used for coffee but it’s a different kind of cup as this one looks exactly like an SLR lens right down to the clear lens like lid. It’s great cup, I like it, it’s unique and interesting. Read on to learn more…

Review of Nippon Kodo Morning Star Green Tea Incense 200 Sticks and Holder

I’ve got a quick review of something I picked up on Amazon recently, it’s incense. I normally just pick up whatever at my local Dollar Tree but their inventory varies greatly and that didn’t have incense for a long time so I decided to see what was out there on Amazon and grabbed this 200 stick box for about $9 and I like it… Read on to learn more..

Reivew of Marrywindix Outdoor 5m Clothesline

Today for review I have a clothesline, yes a clothesline. I review all kinds of stuff and I like useful things and a clothesline is very useful to me. It’s from a company called Marrywindix, it’s made of nylon and it’s waterproof so you could even use it outside. Read on to learn more..

Review of Comfy Black Microfiber Salon Towel


I get all kinds of requests to review products and no I don’t accept or review all of it, I do turn things down but lately I’ve been re-thinking that as most of the stuff I reviewed was tech, but why not review more things if they want me to? Sure I still do turn down some things, but I’ve expanded what I’ll review as more to things that I think might be useful to me or others. Today for review I’ve got what is called the Comfy Black Microfiber Salon Towel from a company called Salon Guys and yes it’s sold as something for your hair but it’s a towel and doesn’t have to be just for that, it can be used for a lot of things especially since it’s a microfiber towel which makes it more absorbent than cotton towels are. Read on to learn more…