Review of Creative Scents Cotton Velour Fingertip Towels

Up for review today I’ve got something I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed before, towels, not just any towels though, these are really nice towels. Seriously though these towels are great, they’re soft and absorbent and have a velour texture to them making them look nice as well.

Product Name and Info:

Creative Scents Cotton Velour Fingertip Towel, 4 Piece Set, 11 by 18-Inch, White

Check out this symphony in white. These towels are rich and thirsty, made of luxuriously absorbent cotton. You and your guests are going to love them. They’re so absorbent, and yet you’ll find them so easy to care for with just a machine wash and a tumble dry. Use them in your guest bathroom, or be a bit selfish and keep them for your own enjoyment. Whatever you decide, you’ll know that these elegant towels will enhance your home and bring admiration from everyone who visits you. You can bet that your fingers never had it so good!

-These pure cotton towels are extremely soft and absorbent.
-100% Cotton with Velour Finish.
-This 4 piece set provides a luxurious bathroom experience.
-Fingertip towels may be used for decoration or to quickly dry hands.
-Finished edges to prevent unraveling.

Price: $14.85 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:

The towels comes packaged in a plastic bag which is fine as they’re not exactly fragile, they’re just towels after all.


When you open the bag you’ll see the towels are each wrapped individually to keep them clean.


The towels each have tags on them as well with the name and 100% cotton marking. They’re 11 inches by 18 inches in dimensions so they’d make great hand towels for your bathroom or even kitchen to dry your hands after washing them.


When they arrive they’re a bit flattened and you need to wash them before the first use. After the wash they were fluffier and softer really.

The towels are a velour on the tops and the regular towel or terrycloth material on the backs. The edges are finished to not only make them look good but to make sure they don’t fray or unravel from washing.


They’re towels, they’re very nice and soft towels, how much more really can I say about a towel?

Seriously though they’re very soft really, nice on the hands and fine to dry your face with if need be.

They’re really nice towels that work as they should


+Very soft


+Well made



Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by me as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.