Review of Cornucopia Brands Glass Drinking Straws

I’ve got something unique for review, glass drinking straws, it’s just something that I never thought of before. These are from a company called Cornucopia Brands and you get four of them in different colors and you even get a cleaning brush to go with them. They’re neat, they’re interesting for sure. Read on to learn more…

Product Name and Info:

Cornucopia Brands Glass Drinking Straws with Cleaning Brush Multi Color Variety Pack-Blue, Green, Clear, Orange (4 Pack)

-BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED THICK WALLED GLASS DRINKING STRAWS-Beautifully crafted glass straws, thick walled prolong everyday use and cleaning, while also drastically decreasing the odds of cracked or otherwise broken straws
-4 COLOR STRAIGHT NO BEND GLASS DRINKING STRAW 4 PACK-Four color variety pack, including blue glass straw, green glass straw, clear glass straw, and orange glass straw, colored glass straw variety pack
-INCLUDES HEAVY DUTY CLEANING BRUSH-Each glass straw variety pack includes a heavy duty cleaning brush to ensure that the straws not only remain clean and safe, but also that cleaning them is as easy as one swipe through with the brush
-GREAT FOR NEARLY ANY AGE, ENOUGH COLORS TO SATISFY ANY PERSON OR BEVERAGE-Featuring glass straws in 4 colors, this variety packs lets you please everyone, let them pick a color, match the beverage you are drinking, or simply use a different color every day
-GREAT GREEN ALTERNATIVE-Glass straws are a green alternative to paper or plastic, simple use, rinse, repeat, no need to create waste with every cold beverage

Glass Drinking Straws with Cleaning Brush Multi Color Variety Pack-Blue, Green, Clear, Orange (4 Pack)
Enjoying a beverage through a high quality glass straw is among one of lifes’ coolest little pleasures. The feel of the straw, the lack of beverage temperature loss, and the simple novelty, green elements, and easy cleanup, all make it a worth while purchase.
Crafted from thick glass, and featuring 4 colors of glass straw, blue glass straw, green glass straw, clear glass straw, and orange glass straw. This glass straw variety pack allows for enough straws to please a family, group, or just simply enough options to switch up you colors daily.
-Easy to clean with included glass straw cleaning brush
-Makes for a beautiful beverage
-Green waste reducing option
-Thick, and beautiful, wont wear out easily, and much safer than thinner straws
-Dishwasher safe, but more easily cleaned by simply using soapy water and the included brush

Price: $10.49 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:

How a bout a quick video to give you a better look at these:

The straws came very well wrapped in bubble wrap for protection with the Cornucopia Brands logo on it.


The pack includes four colored glass straws and a cleaning brush that fits into them perfectly to make sure they’re clean.


They’re certainly interesting and colorful coming in green, orange, blue and clear. The orange is almost a brown really, but it’s fine.


The straws are rather thick, much thicker than your average straw that’s for sure.



I drank out of them as one tends to do with a straw and they worked for pulling liquid into your mouth. No complaints there.

They’re glass so I was curious so I ran some of my un-scientific tests on them. I dropped them onto my kitchen counter top from varying heights up to about two feet and all they did was bounce. I dropped them on the ends and I dropped them horizontally and they survived just fine. I’m impressed, I was kind of scared to do it actually, but they survived just fine.

They’re glass and they do seem durable but I would still be careful with them just because they’re glass and it doesn’t make sense to me to have a glass straw, but it works so why not?!


+Well made

+Seem durable

+Includes cleaning brush


– None really

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.