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Kennywood Park.. blah

So we went to Kennywood park on friday, it was blah, not really fun, I guess the main reason it wasn’t fun is because I’m broke and basically have no money to spend on things like fun, I have bills to pay and they are what’s important in life, not having fun…

but anyway, it was my 2yr olds first time there and he really had a blast, he loved it, he wanted to ride the rides and play games, it was like he’d been there before, he’s a little pro at it now it seems…IMAGE_154

but I didn’t take a digital camera with me since I have my phone, I figured that would be my camera.. so here’s a few pics:


I really didn’t take that many, it was just a bit much with the kids to keep track of everything, but the pics are pretty good for a cellphone

Edit: oh and this is my first post to this blog using Windows Live Writer, for whatever reason I see one of the thumbnails lnks to teh same picture.. oh well, it’s late.. I’m going to be

Father’s Day…. Blah

So it’s Father’s Day.. and it’s blah…

The baby (2 yr old) was up and down most of the night, when he finally woke up this morning I found him miserable and his face and neck are swollen to three times their normal size and he’s talking funny.

He says his ear hurts, so obviously it’s an ear infection and it can’t wait until tomorrow to see doctor so I had to call mom to come back home from work.

She just got to work and had to turn back around to come back home.

So she just took baby to Children’s Hospital emergency room a few minutes ago…

so much for Father’s Day… it makes me sad to see him in pain and miserable, I feel so useless that I can’t help him to make it stop hurting, but he’s on the way with mom to see doctor so he’ll get medicine to make him better and help him

My 2yr old is cool!

My 2yr old son Vincent is the coolest kid.. and actually he’s the best out of the three that I have, he listens, he’s polite (says thank you, your welcome, helps out) and he’s just all around fun to be with…

I was taking pictures last week of the Ultra M998 case I got for review and he decided he was going to help so he got out his toy camera and took some pictures as well, I thought it was cool..

He also likes those temporary tattoos that seem so popular now, OCZ sent me a big one with their Christmas  Card and I really didn’t have any use for it, so I figured I’d give it to him, he thinks it’s just so cool, he just loves it! Already a geek who knows quality stuff at 2yrs old! That’s my boy!

Xbox Handheld game from Kellogg’s

I remember when I was a kid begging my mom and grandma to get me the cereal with the toy in it, I just had to have it, now that I have kids they do the same thing of course.

Well grandma spoils my kids of course, buying them their favorite sweetened cereals and usually it comes with a toy. So yesterday she gave me a box go Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies and it says on the box that there is an Xbox Mini Game Inside.

Naturally I’m a bit curious as to the quality of this so called game.. Looking at the back of the box there are pictures and descriptions of the many possible ‘games’ that you can get for free. In the center is a huge ‘Turn On The Fun!’ announcement surrounding a graphic of the Xbox power button. Inside the box I found the Car Racing game, the description makes it sound so cool and exciting, but in reality it’s pretty bad…

The graphic on the back of the box actually looks better than the actual thing.. now that’s bad…

Here’s some shots of it playing and a brief movie as well after them:

Check out that “Heart-Pounding Excitement” we have going on here… bah.. junk

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The Mystery Machine Case Mod -Now What?!

Well about two years ago now I created a case mod for my kids, I made The Mystery machine from Scooby Doo for them out of a computer case… As they’ve gotten older I’ve found that the computer inside was just a bit lacking and Windows 98 wasn’t what they were using in school and such and what they sort of know how to use, or at least is familiar to them. They’re 5 and 6 so they don’t know that much but they do know it’s different than what they have in school and they know about the internet and sites like Nickeldeon and others like it, and of course they want to get on there and play those games… The system that is in there doesn’t have ethernet and it’s not really capable of running Windows XP, so I had to upgrade, which meant everything got upgraded, CPU, mobo etc.

So now I’m wondering what am I supposed to do with their old computer/case mod … I was thinking to donate it to my youngest sons daycare for them to let the smaller children use, or I could possibly sell it (but is it even worth anything? other than maybe a pop art type collectible?!?!) or maybe just give it away to someone who might need it for their children…

Dunno… any advice for me?!

Click HERE to read the full worklog and details of the mod, and here’s a few pictures as well:

(Thumbs open in new window to 1024×786 size approximately)







Yeah.. I bet you’re wondering what the hell a ‘pligit’ is right?

Well it’s like stuck in my head now…. and it won’t go away, so I figured I blog about it and maybe it would go away if I did..

I’m sure you know who Winnie the Pooh is right? Well Piglet is his little buddy the pig, and well my two year old can’t say Piglet and he says ‘Pligit’ instead…  He pronounces it ‘plig-it’ if you’re wondering how it’s pronounced…

It’s really cute actually, but for whatever reason it’s like stuck in my head now….

Dunno, just threw that out there for whatever reason…

Let’s Talk with Puppy Dog!

A few of you out there who read my blog are parents, and even if you aren’t you may have a brother, sister, niece or nephew that might love these DVDs as much as my kid does!

I stop in the local Dollar Tree every once in a while to pick up little stuff, and they sometimes have DVD’s and such for $1 each. So last month I stopped in and saw these DVDs for little kids (ages infant to 3 years) called ‘Let’s Talk with Puppy Dog‘ so I thought they looked interesting and decided to grab a couple of them.

I brought them home and popped one of the DVDs in for my 2 year old and an amazing thing happened, for the first time ever I saw him sit on the couch and watch TV, he sat there and watched the entire episode of Puppy Dog. I was amazed by this, normally he couldn’t care less about TV, he does like Teletubbies sometimes, but he loses interest when the tubbies are not actually on, but with Puppy Dog he sat there just staring.

I ended up getting all of the episodes:

-All About ABC’s

-All About Animals

-All About Shapes

-All About Counting

-Baby Phonics

The ‘All About’ ones are just great and Vincent loves them, the ‘phonics’ one is totally different than the others and he’s not quite interested in it as the others.

I’ve never seem him really excited about something as he is with these DVDs now, I’ll pick him up from Daycare and he’ll be talking about Puppy Dog on the way home! He actually gets involved with the show and talks along repeating things and trying to do the things they do. Like hopping like a rabbit, or making shapes with your hands and other things they do. In the beginning of the DVDs it starts out with a big ‘Hi Puppy Dog!’ and Vincent is right along with it saying ‘Hi Puppy Dog’ and other parts he’s right along with them, he’s discovered DVDs now and he won’t let anyone watch anything else, we have to have Puppy Dog on.

The Animations are a bit kooky, and the entire thing is kinda goofy, for adults anyway, but for kids it’s great. It’s bright, colorful and lots of fun, as I said I’ve never seem my son involved in anything or as excited about anything as he is now with Puppy Dog!

If you’re a parent try and get these for you child, you will not regret it!

Here’s some info from the ‘Let’s Talk with Puppy Dog’ website:

At the Creative Learning Company, we treasure that magical moment in a child’s development when they speak their first words. The Let’s Talk! with Puppy Dog Videos nurture this precious time by engaging young children in cheerful language-focused play activities. This imaginative series is based on a unique Creative Learning Method that invites kids to speak up and play along. With each viewing, children learn more, speak more, and gain confidence.

Developed by educators and parents (and tested with kids!), the Puppy Dog series has already won several National Awards, including Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Audio Video Products and Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products.

It truly is magic when children begin to talk. Join in the fun as they experience and delight in Puppy Dog’s fun-filled world of speaking!

and NO, this is not a paid advertisement… I just found something very cool that I felt really needed to be shared with other parents out there….