Xbox Handheld game from Kellogg’s

I remember when I was a kid begging my mom and grandma to get me the cereal with the toy in it, I just had to have it, now that I have kids they do the same thing of course.

Well grandma spoils my kids of course, buying them their favorite sweetened cereals and usually it comes with a toy. So yesterday she gave me a box go Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies and it says on the box that there is an Xbox Mini Game Inside.

Naturally I’m a bit curious as to the quality of this so called game.. Looking at the back of the box there are pictures and descriptions of the many possible ‘games’ that you can get for free. In the center is a huge ‘Turn On The Fun!’ announcement surrounding a graphic of the Xbox power button. Inside the box I found the Car Racing game, the description makes it sound so cool and exciting, but in reality it’s pretty bad…

The graphic on the back of the box actually looks better than the actual thing.. now that’s bad…

Here’s some shots of it playing and a brief movie as well after them:

Check out that “Heart-Pounding Excitement” we have going on here… bah.. junk

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