Halloween Costumes

It’s amazing how fast time goes by eh? Summer is like here and gone already, my kids start back to school on Monday already, which is rather nice really.. but that means more holidays are coming and Halloween is one of them that my kids like to celebrate, personally I don’t care for the holiday anymore as it’s just not the same as when I was a kid, the are has changed and it just doesn’t seem fun anymore…

halloween11 With Halloween coming it’s time to get Halloween costumes for the kids. Having three kids we kinds of just passed them along to the next youngest, but it’s getting the point now where they are independent thinkers and they know what they want to dress up as for Halloween and they won’t settle for the ‘hand me downs’ anymore.

So of course that means shopping for costumes, personally I hate shopping period and I try and do all of my shopping online if possible, I don’t have to deal with people and I don’t have top pay for gas either. So I was bopping around the web and found a rather cool site aptly named BuyCostumes.com and they’ve got tons different Halloween costumes on their site, not just for kids either, you can find men’s and women’s costumes also.

The popular costumes for kids are of course Batman/Dark Knight, Indiana Jones and Iron Man, and they look pretty cool, for a kid anyway, and they’re really not that expensive. They’ve also got an offer of 99cent shipping on orders over $40 so that’s not too bad there at all.

You can buy full costumes or just parts of them as they have an entire accessory section as well, and they’ve also got Decoration, Props and even party supplies! Oh and they’ve even got Mascot Costumes and costumes for your pets!

So if you’re looking Halloween Costumes for your kids or even yourself stop by and check them out, they’ve got something for everyone!