Father’s Day…. Blah

So it’s Father’s Day.. and it’s blah…

The baby (2 yr old) was up and down most of the night, when he finally woke up this morning I found him miserable and his face and neck are swollen to three times their normal size and he’s talking funny.

He says his ear hurts, so obviously it’s an ear infection and it can’t wait until tomorrow to see doctor so I had to call mom to come back home from work.

She just got to work and had to turn back around to come back home.

So she just took baby to Children’s Hospital emergency room a few minutes ago…

so much for Father’s Day… it makes me sad to see him in pain and miserable, I feel so useless that I can’t help him to make it stop hurting, but he’s on the way with mom to see doctor so he’ll get medicine to make him better and help him