I Hate People


Some say that ‘hate’ is a strong word, but that’s how I feel really. I was told by someone I know that I’m a misanthrope and the dictionary says that is: “a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society” and yeah that’s me for sure. I wasn’t always like that but I’ve been fucked over so many times by people I trusted and thought were friends that I’m just done.

I have a neighbor guy and well he proved all that to me once again. My wife knows how I am and basically pushed me to be friends with him. To me he wasn’t ever a friend, I didn’t know whim that well to call him a friend honestly, the word friend to me is someone you know very well and trust implicitly. I inherently don’t trust people anymore, I keep them at arms length and I did that too him as I just had a feeling in the back of my mind that he would fuck me over eventually, and I was right.

He told me how I was his friend and he trusted me and I was cordial to him, not mean, talked to him over the fence, on the phone and via texts etc. He was nice to my kids as well, so I was nice to him. He then started asking for things, started out small, couple cigarettes, cup of sugar etc and he would give me a few dollars when he got his check. The money he gave me was NEVER enough to cover what I gave him, but I let it go as I know what it’s like, times are tough, money is tight and I’ll help if I can. It then became more and more asking for things all the time, bread, milk, coffee, cigs, sugar, cans of pop, candy, rides places etc and it was just ridiculous.

We got into it and he threw it in my face about how he always paid me back for the stuff he got from me. The last time he gave me $7 which was supposed to cover a brand new unopened large can of Folgers coffee, five loaves of bread, 1/2 gallon of milk, cigarettes and sugar. I don’t know where in the world you can get all of that for $7, but he thought it was enough it seems. The month before that he gave me nothing at all even though I gave him cigs and sugar and coffee. Some months I would just be like, don’t worry about it, you don’t owe me anything

Sometimes I would just give him full unopened packs of cigs and he would give me $5, you can’t buy cigs for $5 per pack anywhere around here that I know of, hell I would buy them if they were that cheap.

He knows I review products and I’ve given him things, nice watches, nice rechargeable lighters and a nice LED flashlight kit for when he walks his dog. I also gave him two nice French press coffee makers as well. I let him borrow tools, I let my kids go over and help him out when needed, carrying groceries, or moving furniture and just whatever, but in the end he decides to just fuck me over and shit all over that supposed friendship that we had.

Again, I let it go because I know money is tight and I was trying to be nice but I’m done. I just hate people, I really do.

So we have issues with parking on my street, and I have a disabled spot because I use a cane, can’t quite walk and we have two cars so we try and fit so we can share the spot. I have a disabled plate on one and a placard for the other. So we do half car and half car basically so we have a spot to park in front of the house that we own. We have numerous problems with people who cannot see the blue line or read the sign always parking in my spot, another reason I hate people as they just don’t give a shit about anyone else, but that’s another story. Anyway we had big issues with our old neighbor over this always parking and blocking the spots. She had numerous boyfriends, they always had a car but she didn’t of course and for whatever reason they wouldn’t park in front of their house if there was a spot, they would park in front of mine in my spot even though they didn’t have disabled plates or placard. Lots of problems, but that’s another long story.

My neighbor, knew about all of this and yet he tells me today that he’s getting a car in July and he said if the spot is empty he’s parking in it. That was that, no discussion, he said ‘spot open, I’m parking’

I just hate people, I did entirely too much for this guy, helped him out all the time but yet this is how I get repaid. Only once did I ever ask him for anything and that was actually just to watch the house because the neighbor with the car and her mom and friends threatened us over all of that shit. That’s it, in all the time I’ve known him that’s the only time I’ve ever asked him for anything. I’ve never asked for anything physical from him, never sugar, cigs, anything at all, just that one small favor.

I don’t understand people, they lie, they use, he lied to my face and said he considered me a friend obviously. Friends don’t do shit like that to other friends. I need the parking spot as we live on a main, very busy, avenue and can’t hobble across the street through traffic as people don’t give a shit and don’t let you cross.

So yes it seems I’m a misanthrope and that doesn’t bother me one bit to be labeled that as I’ve just been through too much shit and been shit on too many times by people I trusted and thought were friends.

I knew he was just using me, but I guess it’s my fault for letting him. I knew from the beginning he was going to fuck me over in the end, and I was right. I was hoping he might be different and show me a different side of humanity that I come to hate so much, I see how that worked out…

Whatever, that’s enough for now….

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