Why Do Doctors and Insurance Companies Lie?


So I’ve got health issues and that means dealing with insurance companies and doctors. My current doctors are great, he’s fine, so this isn’t about them.

As of now I’m stuck with a bill for almost $500 in tests I didn’t authorize and I don’t know what to do about it as the testing company won’t let me get any new tests through them until I pay it. At one point, a couple, years ago, I didn’t have insurance and I was in a car accident and needed to go to doctor. I went to free clinic, they knew I didn’t have insurance and I didn’t go asking for drugs or anything like that. I went to find out what was wrong, why I was in pain months after the accident. The doctor was rude and didn’t listen to me at all but sent me for x-rays at another free clinic so the x-rays were free. She also asked me about getting a cholesterol blood test which is about $50 and I said sure as I’m getting older and I’ve never had one, I figured I could afford $50 for my health. So she took blood but ordered all kinds of tests, all drug tests and of course the cholesterol test. I never asked for painkillers and I told her I didn’t do drugs, but apparently she though I was a liar. The tests came back of course showing that I was clean, no drugs, even though she ordered tests for every drug she could. I’m now stuck with a bill for just under $500 for all those unauthorized drug tests. What the hell am I supposed to do?

I got switched to a new insurance company and they called me and we went through and made sure my current doctors were all covered by the insurance. I had to give them names, numbers and addresses of my doctors and I was assured that my doctors were covered and I could continue seeing them as I was with no problems. Just found out my one doctor is not covered even though they said he was, he even thought he was covered by them. He’s owed back until August of last year by them but they won’t pay him. They told him that they NEVER told me he was covered. That’s a lie, I made sure he was covered and why would I continue to see him if he wasn’t covered? Makes no sense to me. So they lied to me and to him. I called the insurance company about all this and they told me that my doctor never filed any claims with them. That’s a lie. How did my doctor know his claims were denied if he didn’t file any claims? He had to file claims to be denied, to know he was denied, but yet they’re saying he never filed any claims, they have no claims on record. I don’t get it.

I hate liars.

This whole health system we have is broken and I don’t see it ever getting fixed. They don’t care about people, they only care about money.