I Just Want to Be Left Alone


I really just want to be left alone.

I don’t bother anyone. I don’t talk to anyone. I don’t leave my house unless I absolutely have to. I don’t speak to my neighbors, I tried that and it ended up bad and it still hasn’t stopped. Then the upstairs neighbor has started stuff with me as well.

The neighbor 2 houses over hates me apparently, even though I’ve never spoken a word to him in the past 17+ years we’ve lived here. My wife knew him before we moved in and they weren’t friends and didn’t speak so I really never bothered with him either, but he hates me too. I overheard a conversation as he was talking to my neighbor, the houses are about 10 feet apart so I can overhear lots of things without trying to.

The downstairs neighbor next door is the big problem. He’s a liar and he’s going around the neighborhood telling people lies about me and trying to start trouble. I’ve watched him actually stop the neighbors car as they were driving by and talk to them while pointing at my house. They were coming home trying to park and he stopped them to tell them whatever about me.

There’s another woman who walks her dog, don’t know who she is, never talked to her. I watched this guy run across the street and stop her while walking her dog and he’s talking and pointing at my house telling her whatever lies he made up I guess.

Then the neighbor across the street was out on his porch and I watched this guy go over there to him and the same thing, talking and pointing up at my house telling him who knows what.

I watched my neighbor egg my van but the police said they couldn’t do anything without proof.

One of my neighbors tried to kill me and my family. No exaggeration either, they loosened all the lug nuts on my front passenger tire and removed one. I almost wrecked, the wheel almost fell off. One lug nut was gone and the other four was just a few turns with my fingers to come off. I talked to my mechanic and he said it’s impossible that all of them would come loose at the same exact time. It wasn’t them as it was about 7 months since they did the inspection and rotated my tires, if it was them it would have happened much sooner than that long later. Luckily I was just driving locally, but if I had been on the highway doing 55+ mph then it would have been really bad, and worse if my kids and wife were with me. So yeah someone tried to kill me and my family. Fun-Fun.

They keep throwing nails and screws where we park so we’ll get flat tires, that’s just been an ongoing thing. I have to check all the time now to make sure I won’t run over something.

The neighbors just litter on my property. For example, I watched them throw an empty plastic bottle out their car window as they were sitting there parked right on my property.

I have two dogs, they tried to poison my dogs, either kill them or make them sick with spoiled food. They throw it over the fence in my backyard. I found nasty expired and green lunch meat. My dogs would have ate it had I not seen it. It wasn’t from another animal either, it was pulled open and not torn with claws or teeth. Of course I can’t prove it so I just have to sit here and deal with the non-stop constant harassment.

Now the new thing is calling the boro on me and trying to get me in trouble with them. Just had another visit from the boro today in fact.

There’s a house on the other side of me that is literally falling down, it’s condemned and just falling apart and in horrible condition but yet they’re calling the boro about my house.

I know who it is calling the boro, as I’ve said I can hear things very well and I saw him on my security cameras on his phone and heard the conversation.

And then another conversation I overheard was this guy threatening to get some big guy named ‘D’ to come knock on my door if I don’t stop this stuff. Problem is I’ve done nothing to anyone, I don’t leave my house unless I have to.

It got so bad that a couple months ago we were talking to realtors about selling the house and moving because no one will help us with these people.

No one around here knows me, but yet they believe all the lies they’re told about me and give me dirty looks like I’ve done something wrong. I’ve done nothing to anyone, I don’t bother anyone, I don’t talk to anyone around here.

I’m in horrible pain when I walk and it’s worse on steps, which I have a lot of leading to my house so I don’t go anywhere. The pain can get so excruciating that I just fall down on the steps, so I use a cane and I have to be very careful.

I have other health issues as well, but I don’t need this shit.

I don’t know what my neighbors want from me? They want me in jail? They want me dead? I don’t understand why someone would just take it upon themselves to spread lies about someone to make their lives miserable when they’ve done nothing to them. Let me correct that, I did something to him, I stopped talking to him, and that’s it, but that’s another story.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m afraid to walk out of my house, I’m afraid for my family to leave the house as they could be attacked or shot because of the lies being spread.

I hate living like this…

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