What’s for dinner?

So Sundays are rather lazy days, my two oldest boys get to go to Grandmas, but my 2yr old gets to stay home and hang out with me. My Mom is sick and she can’t really handle a 2yr old running around, and her house isn’t quite child proof…

but anyway, on Sundays I never expect to get much real work done, so I usually try and make something good for dinner.

So I decided to make some rigatoni and meatballs.. I had a pound of bacon as well so I threw that in there too.

I had two pounds of ground beef, to which I added about 3/4 of the pound of bacon, (raw-uncooked), to that I added the usual suspects, basil, oregano, salt,pepper, eggs, breadcrumbs, garlic and some Parmesan cheese. Let them cook till done, ended up with about 30 nice sized meatballs. When finished I like to throw them in a bowl and coat them lightly with sauce as well… Nicely browned meatballs are nice, but I like a hint of red coloring on them, and it does add a bit of flavoring as well.

For the Rigatoni, just boiled as usual with a little salt and olive oil in the water. I really didn’t have time to make homemade sauce, but the stuff in jars isn’t too bad with some help. So I got two jars of Del Grosso pasta sauce, 1 was Tomato-Basil and the other was Three Cheese (Parm,Romano and Asiago). I cooked the remaining bacon and diced it up added that to the two jars of sauce along with basil, oregano, salt, fresh pepper, garlic (a lot) and half of a stick of butter, tossed the hot rigatoni in and it was pretty much ready. I like to coat my pasta with about 3/4 of the sauce and reserve the rest for serving.

Pasta should always be served in a bowl, preferably a shallow type bowl, I like to put a bit of sauce in the bottom of the bowl, then the sauce coated pasta, a few meatballs and a bit more sauce. Of course we’ll need a bit of grated parm and romano cheeses and a bit of parsley for color…

It came out very good, you might think a pound of bacon might be a bit overwhelming, but it’s not really, it just adds a nice hint of the smoky flavoring to it all.

Now tomorrow, once everything has sat and all the flavors have had a chance to really meld together it will be extra delicious, I can’t wait… Yum-Yum

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