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Postcards from WWII – part 2

I’ve got 19 more scanned in, these are the only real ‘War’ related postcards that he had.

Clicking the thumbnails will open them in a new window, sized 1024×768 approx

I like this one quite a bit, if you look closely at the blonde girl on the right side of the picture she just looks so pissed off.. Like ‘why are they taking my picture?’

The next eight postcards are self-explanatory… They are marked on the back with the Grogan Photo Company, Danville, ILL. I like these a lot as well, it’s amazing to see the ‘technology’ they had back then to fight wars with.

These are all scenes from the war, photographed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps:

These last ten depict the Liberation of Paris (Liberation de Paris), as for any identifying marks, they say ‘real-photo’ C.A.P.-Paris and each has a description of the scene which I have under each one for you.

Taking of Military School American Flags at Military Parade

The F.F.I. parade Place de la Concorde (left)

The Official Procession Rue de Rivoli (right picture)

General Eisenhower at the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb (left picture)

Official Platform Place de le Concorde (right picture)

left to right in photo:

General Koenig

General de Gaulle

General Bradley

Welcome to the ‘Jeeps’ General de Gaulle with the tanks.

The tanks pass in the Champs-Elysses (left picture)

General de Gaulle (right picture)

Well that’s it till I scan more in…. Enjoy!