Daily Archives: October 31, 2007

Vote for Me!!!

Hey if you get a chance vote for me at The Modshop!

I put my Mystery Machine case mod up there just for the fun of it and it got nominated to battle another case mod.

The ModShop showcases case mods and put them against each other in elimination type contests where users vote for them to win prizes! They’ve got a lot of great prizes as well, even the lowest prize is a copy of Vista Ultimate so that’s not to shabby..

The prize list is as follows:

  • Winner – $1200 + a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Second Place – $400 + a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Runners-Up (3rd and 4th place) – $200 + a copy of Windows Vista
  • Honorable Mention (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th place) – a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate

Anyway click HERE to vote for The Mystery Machine to win it’s battle and then move on to the next round… Yes you’ll have to register, but it’s though Maximum PC magazine so I would think they won’t be spamming anyone.. and thanks to anyone who does vote for me!


Y’know I’ve never used CraigsList before, I know a lot of people that do use it and do very well with it renting apartments and selling things they no longer need.

A friend of mine recently asked me to list a few of his things on there for him as he just didn’t have time to clean it up, take pictures and post the listings….

So I went and did this, and I also posted a message as well under their gigs section looking for a blogger to help with another project, now mind you CraigsList is essentially anonymous unless you put contact info directly into your post, any replies are relayed through them to your specified email account.

So for my first adventure with CraigsList I got replies, one of them was critiquing my ads.. yeah whatever, if I wanted to know what they thought… but anyway, the best is the death threats I received.  Why would someone who has no clue who you are send threatening emails to someone? I don’t understand it at all….

Now I’ve never been on CraigsList, as I said this was my first  experience and well, it’s not a good one so far…

Of course since I was new I had to explore a bit… what’s up with the ‘legal’ prostitution on there? They offer services for 100 roses for an hour or 100 handshakes for an hour… umm, yeah ok….

and I’ve found that people are extremely rude and ignorant to other people on there…

Oh well….