Daily Archives: October 25, 2007

The Mystery Machine Case Mod -Now What?!

Well about two years ago now I created a case mod for my kids, I made The Mystery machine from Scooby Doo for them out of a computer case… As they’ve gotten older I’ve found that the computer inside was just a bit lacking and Windows 98 wasn’t what they were using in school and such and what they sort of know how to use, or at least is familiar to them. They’re 5 and 6 so they don’t know that much but they do know it’s different than what they have in school and they know about the internet and sites like Nickeldeon and others like it, and of course they want to get on there and play those games… The system that is in there doesn’t have ethernet and it’s not really capable of running Windows XP, so I had to upgrade, which meant everything got upgraded, CPU, mobo etc.

So now I’m wondering what am I supposed to do with their old computer/case mod … I was thinking to donate it to my youngest sons daycare for them to let the smaller children use, or I could possibly sell it (but is it even worth anything? other than maybe a pop art type collectible?!?!) or maybe just give it away to someone who might need it for their children…

Dunno… any advice for me?!

Click HERE to read the full worklog and details of the mod, and here’s a few pictures as well:

(Thumbs open in new window to 1024×786 size approximately)