What’s the Point of Trying to Live a Good Life?


What’s the point of trying to live a good life when other people can just go around and spread lies about you?

I don’t bother anyone, I keep to myself, I don’t talk to the people around here but they all hate me and think I’m this horrible person. I really don’t even go outside unless I absolutely have to so these people that think they know me don’t really even see me, none of them know me. I’ve lived here very close to 18 years now and there are some people I’ve never even spoken to around here who have lived here longer but yet they hate me because of the lies being told about me.

I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t do much of anything really, I try to live a clean, quiet and honest life but it doesn’t matter at all. I thought that if I kept to myself and not bothered or spoke to anyone that I would be alright but nope I was wrong, apparently it’s not enough to just keep to yourself, mind your own business and leave people alone if there are people out there who make it their life’s mission for whatever reason to make your life miserable.

Why do people lie? Why are their lies believed? Over the last year or so I’ve learned that everyone lies just because they can I guess. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you try to live a good life if someone lies about you. I’ve learned that there’s not point to it. I thought if I lived a quiet and good life things would be good, but they’re not, they’re horrible. I’ve learned it just doesn’t matter if you live a good life, or try to live a good life, it doesn’t matter at all. Life sucks, people suck, people are just horrible and nasty.

My life is horrible, it’s a living hell really, I live in constant fear and I’m just sick of it all…