What’s the Point of the Stuff we Keep?


What’s the point of all the stuff we buy and have? There’s lots of stuff I see that I’m like ‘wow, I want that, it’s cool, I need it’ but I really don’t. I’ve got lots of stuff and I don’t need it, it’s not like I can take it with me when I die anyway, so why have it? I guess it’s too make our lives better in some way, but does it really? Maybe to make our lives happier or just bearable as in reality our lives suck, yes that’s everyone’s life I think, or maybe it’s just me?!

Why do we need all this stuff? Why do we need the next best phone or gadget or whatever when the current or last generation is just as good and it still works? Does it really make us feel better about ourselves when we have the latest and greatest gadget or device? Does it really make our lives better in any way at all? I have to say no really. My life didn’t get better with the latest and greatest phone, it didn’t do anything for me that my last phone didn’t do, it really didn’t do anything that the 3 or 4 phones before it did for me, just a little faster and more storage that I really don’t utilize as I could.

Phones are just an example, you could substitute any gadget for the phone and say the same thing.

I’ve got stuff just sitting here on shelves in boxes that I wanted and I thought would be awesome, but I don’t use it, I don’t touch it, I didn’t need it, I really didn’t have any use for it except I thought I did. I talked myself into needing it and not just wanting it. There’s a difference between wanting and needing! There are things I want yes, but there are things I actually need but a lot of my life I’ve went for the things I wanted instead of what I needed and I think that was a mistake, I think we all make that mistake.

People aren’t totally to blame, companies market stuff to people making them think they need it and not just want it, and they do a good job at it that’s for sure.

A few years ago I filled up 3 big garbage cans with stuff, it was all good stuff that worked, some still in boxes, I smashed it, I broke it, I destroyed it as I really didn’t need it and I was tired of having the stuff clutter everything. I got it, used it once or twice because I thought I needed it and there it sat unused collecting dust and taking up space.

I do give a lot of stuff away to people that I don’t want, I figure give it away instead of throwing it away in the garbage.

I don’t know, I look around and just think what’s the point of all of this? It’s not doing me any good, it’s not doing anything for me, I think we could all live with just the bare minimum.

I think we’re all fooling ourselves with all the stuff that we have that we think we need but really just want. In the end it’s pointless crap that most likely we’ll never use again and we really didn’t need at all…