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Someone Tried To Pop My Tire

Hmmmm… someone tried to pop my tire it seems… I wonder who it could have been?!!? Straight gash in tire rim and tire itself, it’s straight so van wasn’t moving when this happened or it would have been curved a bit as the tire would have been rolling. The straight cuts lead me to believe that someone hit it with something hard as it cut the rim too, goes straight from the valve, to the rim to the tire…  I hate people



Woken Multiple Times Last Night By Neighbors

It’s just awesome living next door to someone who doesn’t give a shit about other people.

My neighbor and his friends woke me up multiple times last night between 1:30am and 3am..

I just wanted to sleep, guess I’m not allowed according to him



Woken Up at 1am By My Neighbor

New category for my little site here called “harassment” and here I’m going to document everything my neighbor has done and is doing to me and my family. We’ll start with this today, or this morning at 1:08am. I was woken up by by what sound like to me him and his friend slamming car doors, talking and actually what sounded to me like them stomping up the steps. I heard them walking actually, and talking right outside my window… fun-fun.