People are Horrible and Just Rude


So I had a package go missing.  Tracking says it was delivered to me, but that’s impossible I was home, kids were home and I have two cameras on the front porch.

Local post office says there’s nothing they can do as it says it was delivered so it was delivered. Apparently I’m a liar and I’m trying to get something for free here or whatever the guy thought I was trying to do with his attitude about it.

I finally figured it out but contacting another post office. it was a Sunday delivery from Amazon so another post office handles those. According to the geotracking it was delivered, just to the the wrong address, a block away. It seems those people just decided to keep it, even though we’re like maybe 20 houses apart.

Maybe it’s just me, I get mail for the wrong address and I put it back in the mail box or drop it off at post office telling them it’s the wrong address. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years, I should just keep it apparently. Screw those other people huh? Why should I go through the trouble of fixing the USPS mistake?!

It’s their fault it was mis-delivered so why should I fix their screw up right?

I’ll tell you why, because it’s the fucking right thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

People wonder why I’m like antisocial and it’s because of people like this and all the other assholes I run into on a daily basis.


Day before yesterday I was coming home from picking up my son at school and there’s a bad intersection with a short light. There’s a big sign that says do not block intersection and guess what, some bitch blocks the intersection while I have a green light and I can’t go anywhere. I raised my hand as if to say ‘what are you doing’ and she yells out ‘what you mad?’ and laughs. I pointed to the sign and she says ‘so what’ and she says to her friend ‘look at him, he’s all mad because he can’t go anywhere’.

Yeah, I hate people….. just so rude and ignorant, I don’t know what’s happened to this country really. It wasn’t always like this. I wish I could leave and find somewhere where people actually respect each other and the laws and are just human to each other instead of treating other people like assholes and thinking they’re better than everyone else and they can do whatev3r they want.