Review of Zen Factory Deluxe Zen Garden Kit


If anybody needs to relax it’s me, I don’t sleep much at all, I go to bed at about 12 midnight and my alarm goes off at 4:30am, so yeah that’s not much sleep at all. It seems I’m always stressed out about something anymore, bills, health and life in general really and I need a way to relax. Today for review I got something that might be able to help me with that, a Zen garden from a company called Zen factory and I like it a lot as it’s got everything you need to get started being a little more Zen with your life…

Product Name and Info:

Zen Factory – Deluxe Zen Garden Kit – Best For Your Desktop, Home Or Office – Accessories Include: Wooden Base, Sand, 2 Rakes, Incense Pot & Assortment Of Rocks – Makes A Great Gift

MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT – Here at Zen Factory, we want you to be relaxed this holiday season. Let us help you take a load off by helping you choose the right gift.
STRESSED OR BORED AT WORK? – Pulling your hair out at work on a daily basis? Need something to relive that tension or just doodle with while on those boring calls? Try our Zen Garden.
EXTRA TOUGH SAND PACKAGING – We’ve completely re-designed our sand bag so that your sand can withstand today’s extreme shipping conditions.
FITS GREAT ON ANY DESK OR TABLE – Whether you want some zen at work, your backyard, or inside your home, our beautifully designed Zen Garden fits perfectly on any desk, patio or table.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your zen garden, just return it, and we’ll refund every penny (or replace it, if there is an issue).

When you purchase your Zen Garden today here’s what you should do…

Wait with bubbling excitement for that little brown box to arrive at your door.

Now…when your box arrives… Place it on your favorite surface and open it up. Take out the Zen Garden and place it right in front of you. You now have your own personal Zen space that you can escape to any time you wish.

Now let’s make your Zen Garden come alive. Open the bag of sand and pour it evenly onto the wooden base. Now take the bamboo rake and place it in your hand. Notice the incredible quality of the bamboo. Next place the rocks on the sand in your favorite pattern and have fun with it!

Price: $26.97 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:

Let’s start with a video unboxing and then move on:

The packaging is a white box with a label on it and inside you’ll find some block of styrofoam and everything wrapped up neatly for protection.

zen1 zen2

The tray is solid black wood, looks nice overall and it has rubber feet on the bottom. The tray is about 8.5 x 6.5 x .5 inches in dimension. So it’s small you could put it on your coffee table or even on your desk if you wanted.

zen3 zen4

Inside you’ll find a bag of sand that’s double bagged for protection, a wooden rake, incense burner cauldron and an assortment of river rocks. The amount or rocks you’ll get depends, it varies from what I’ve seen. The little pot of cauldron as I call it is nicely decorated and there’s a hole in the middle for a stick of incense.

zen5 zen6zen7 zen8zen9

To get started you’ll need to empty the sand into the tray and then spread it out, it seems to me there was just the right amount packed in the box for the size of the tray.


I assembled or placed everything in the garden and I did some raking to create designs.


I do have some Japanese style incense and it fit just fine in the pot, but you should be able to use most any sticks of incense with it.


I’ve always wanted one of these and I like it a lot myself, it’s got everything you need to get started with a basic little Zen garden but of course you can add more if you want to give it that personal feel.

I can’t find anything wrong with this product,it’s fine the way it is.

If you’re looking for a little Zen garden that I think you should seriously take a look at this one before you make any decisions.


+Small and doesn’t take up much space

+Well made overall

+Nice starter kit

+Includes incense burner


-None that I could find

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.