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Battle Cats for Android Reviewed


New review by me over on DSM..


Quote: "When it comes to Android games you could spend days browsing for something that’s decent to play, the same could be said for any appstore really, there’s just a lot of junk on them really. I recently came across Battle Cats which in a game from Ponos from Japan and it was recently ported to English and I’m happy I found it as it’s just a fun game. It’s a simple attack the castle style game but it features cats as your army, and there’s a lot of them and there are many different kinds like the Samurai Cat, Axe Cat, Ninja Cat and Tank Cat, just to name a few. The game allows you to use experience points to upgrade your cats and various other options in the game like our defenses and the speed at which you earn money. So read one to learn more about Battle Cats…"

Why I Want a Google Nexus 7


I need a new tablet, I did have a rather nice Acer Iconia A500 but I dropped it and shattered the screen sadly. I do have a small 7” and a big 10” left, but they’re not exactly name brand. The 10” tablet did cost quite a bit though, and it’s not bad overall, but it’s dated and not updated so I use the newer 7” one now.