Why I Want a Google Nexus 7


I need a new tablet, I did have a rather nice Acer Iconia A500 but I dropped it and shattered the screen sadly. I do have a small 7” and a big 10” left, but they’re not exactly name brand. The 10” tablet did cost quite a bit though, and it’s not bad overall, but it’s dated and not updated so I use the newer 7” one now.

Cheap Android tablets do have their place but depending where you get them they’re most likely not going to be supported with updates and such. Some cheap tablets don’t even have the official Google Play store on them, and those are the ones to avoid at all costs I think. If you’re going to get a cheap Android tablet then make sure you’re getting one that comes with the official Google store or you’re going to have problems and personally I don’t really trust those ‘other’ apps stores as I don’t think they screen the apps like Google does or as well ad Google does. On those stores you’ll find plenty of fake apps that are out to get you really, they have malware or a virus that will steal your information for nefarious means, and that’s not a good thing.

I want the a Nexus 7 because it’s a ‘real’ Android tablet and it’s fully supported and it’s well known with plenty of accessories like cases and covers and everything for it. For me accessories are very important as I like my gadgets protected and those cheap tablets don’t have cases or screens protectors or anything for them. Sure you can get a ‘generic’ sleeves of covers for those tablets but it’s not really made for it and you can’t get a screen protector for them at all. What I’ve done is end up buying a larger screen protector for another tablet and cutting it to fit my cheap tablets. Yes it works, but it’s not what I would call ideal.

Google is backing this tablet so I’m pretty much positive that we’ll see real updates for it, and with one from Google who actually makes Android you won’t get some stripped down operating system or other junkware installed on there that you won’t be able to get rid of that just takes up a bunch of space.

If you’re going to buy a tablet I would buy a real one from a real company and not some Chinese knock-off thing. I was browsing some of those sites and I can’t believe they still sell and people actually buy tablets with a resistive touch screen. The prices have dropped considerably on capacitive screens, so why are they even being made anymore really?!

So yes cheap tablets have their place I think, but honestly they’re just not worth it in the long run in my opinion. Chances are it will never be updated and who knows what’s actually on that tablet in terms of what kind of software might be pre-installed aimed at stealing your info and such. I wouldn’t take the chance. Yes there are some companies out there that make cheap tablets that can be trusted but I only really know of one, Idolian, that makes them and keeps them updated, at least for a little bit. The 10” tablet I have is from them, and they updated it yes, but a year later it’s not even listed on their site anymore and there’s nothing in their support section either about the tablet. I’m guessing they just abandoned it totally. So now I have a tablet that will most likely never be updated again, and that’s sad as it’s not really that old.They’re tablet are very nice, very high quality but it seems to me that they end support to soon for them and I want something that’s going to be supported well into the future.

I would buy a tablet from a well known company and the Nexus 7 is backed by Google and made by Asus, so you know right from the start you’re getting a quality product as with those cheap tablets you never know what you’re really getting. I know Asus, I’ve used their products for years so I trust them, and I know Google and I love Android so the pair together makes a great team I think.

I’ve been paying close attention to the reviews of the Nexus 7 and from what I’ve seen it offers a lot for the money, you’re getting a fast and high quality tablet that really doesn’t cost that much when compared to other on the market today.

There was a time I supported cheap tablets, and even recommended them for the low cost and quality of them but I wasn’t looking into the future as I should have been.

So no more cheap tablets for me I think, it’s great at the beginning when you get them but after the sale there’s no support for it, it’s just abandoned, once the sale is done that’s it, what you see is what you get and that just won’t do for me anymore.