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248-228-3916 Scammer


So apparently it’s that time of the year for scammers and telemarketers to come out again for some reason.

I’ve been getting many calls lately from these scumbags. They just call and hang up on answering machine. When you call back it’s always busy.

I am on the Do Not Call lists for both Federal and State but it doesn’t matter apparently.

Here’s the info on the latest one:




Detroit, Michigan
Southfield, MI
West Bloomfield, Michigan

Carrier Info:
Teleport Communications Group America

Various Reasons for calling Given:
Oklahoma Tornado Victims Relief Fund
Tornado Victims Relief Fund
Terminally Ill Children’s fund
Children’s Leukemia Fund
Medic Alert device

Call it back and it’s always busy.

Cooler Master HAF XB PC Case Review



I’ve just posted a rather large review, 8 pages in fact of the new Cooler Master HAF XB case over on TestFreaks, so stop by when you get a chance..


" Today for review I have a case or chassis from Cooler Master called the HAF XB. This is a smaller style case, what might be called a lanbox but it’s not just for gaming of course as you can use it for anything. What makes the HAF XB really special is the fact that it also doubles as a test bench. Me, being a reviewer, can very much appreciate a tech bench as it makes life easier for testing products. Just because it’s a test bench doesn’t mean that the average user can’t use it, in fact being a test bench allows you to fully open it up and get inside making installation of you system just that much easier. The HAF XB is small in size but it’s got a lot of room inside thanks to the excellent design of it. The HAF XB allows you to use even the largest video cards and you can easily fit three of them inside for a nice gaming system. The case comes with two fans pre-installed but there is room for more if you need more cooling, and the case can be used with liquid cooling as well or any combination thereof. It’s from Cooler Master so you know it’s a quality made case, and that HAF XB is that and more. The case is very well designed to maximize all of the available space and still make it easy to install even the highest end systems in it. So read on for a rather lengthy review of the HAF XB…"

Is There Such a Thing as a Business Day Anymore?


This is the internet, we are connected 24/7 and/or 365 days per year so is there really such a thing as a business day anymore?

Sure banks and all still have business days and even those are coming to an end. I know some banks are open now seven days per week.

People work seven days per week. Who or what exactly defines a business day? Is it 9-5 Monday thru Friday? I don’t think so. The internet is always on, someone is always working so why is there still a business day when it comes to things on the internet?

Are Cellphone and Gadget Buy Back Sites Worth It?


So are those cellphone and gadget buy back sites worth it? Short answer is no. Long answer is no. It’s just no overall.

The idea for this little article popped into my head because of a persistent marketer. I got an email from a guy representing a company I won’t name, but it’s one of those cellphone and gadget buy back site where you can sell your old cellphone and other electronics for cash.