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Why is Breaking Bad So Popular?


Seriously I’d like to know what makes Breaking Bad so popular?

I’ve tried to watch it, I think I watched three or four episodes on Netflix and I just couldn’t get into it at all.I like to watch all kinds of stuff, some stuff that I like even surprises me, so I’m not closed minded but I just don’t understand the appeal of this show.

I don’t understand why it’s so popular?!

It’s about a guy who makes and deals drugs to support his family. Why is that a good thing again?

I can walk outside and see lots of drug dealers who will say they do it to support their families.

There’s drug dealers all over the place who deal drugs to support their families and of course their lifestyles but yet this show is glorifying it it, at least it seems that way to me and I just don’t understand the appeal of it.

The show came out and sure people watched but all of the sudden it’s just this extremely popular show that everybody is talking about and it’s about a drug dealer selling drugs and ruining peoples lives and his own. Huh? I just don’t get it.

Id America New Metropolitan Aluminum In-ear Headphones Review


New review by me on Mobility Digest!


Quote: "I don’t remember the last time I reviewed headphones here on Mobility Digest, looking back it’s been since April, so a few months anyway, just seems like longer.  Id America sent over the Metropolitan Aluminum In-Ear headphones for my review, and these are the ‘new’ ones as they are improved over the original Metropolitan as these have better drivers in them. I didn’t have the chance to review the original ones, but I have these and from my time with them I can tell you they’re a very decent set of headphones, especially if you consider the price at around $30. Some people my scoff at such a low price and think that since they’re ‘cheap’ they aren’t any good, well you’d be wrong in that thinking, these are actually fairly decent, yes not perfect, but well worth the price for sure. Read on… "

Why Won’t iTunes Just Work?


So I do own a few Apple devices but I hate them personally, and I do not understand how they are so popular?! I’ve learned to hate Apple and every time I try and use one of their devices that hate just grows and it’s turning into rage. Right now I just want to smash my iPod Touch into a million pieces.

D8 iWallet 2000mAh External Battery Review @ Mobility Digest


New review by me!


Quote: "Power, power and power and I hate writing intros to reviews, especially when I’ve reviewed a lot of the same product over and over again. Yes they are all different, they’re all by different companies and have different specifications, but yet the base product is still the same and it does the same thing. Really how many ways can you say the same thing? So today for review I’ve got a battery, specifically a 2000mAH external battery called the iWallet from a rather new company called D8.  The iWallet is very small and portable and it comes with three different tips for charging various devices, but bet of all it has a regular USB port for charging so you don’t even need any tips. So read on…"