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HTC One Case Roundup 13 Tested and Compared


New article or review over on TestFreaks… this one took me hours to get done… wow..


"The HTC One is the best Android phone out there today, at least I think it is, I love it and I’m very happy with it. The One looks beautiful, it’s thin and lightweight but it’s not what I would call rugged. Those good looks will quickly go away if you drop the phone sadly. I’ve been reviewing cases for the HTC One, quite a few of them, so right now I’ve got thirteen of them for you ranging from inexpensive, thin and lightweight and up to totally rugged and fully protective and everything in between.  I’ve got what I think is a nice representative sampling of the cases that are out there today that will fit any budget and or any need. What I’ve got for you today is thirteen mini reviews essentially with my thoughts and observations for each one. So read on…"

Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler Review


Yep.. new review by me!


"Noctua has recently introduced two new CPU coolers to the market, and I have one of them for review today, the NH-U14S. This cooler is a tower style, and it’s rather large, it can accommodate two of Noctua’s NF-A15 150mm fans but it’s designed so that you can also use larger style performance ram with it and to fit with most every socket configuration out today. The cooler is also designed to work well with SLI or Crossfire setups, it’s made to not get in the way but yet still provide excellent performance. I’ve put the cooler up against several others and as expected from Noctua it performed very well even with an overclocked CPU, but yet remained virtually silent. So read on to learn more about an excellent cooling solution…"

24 hours without a cigarette.. I can’t do it


Wow… I can’t do it… 24+ hours without a cigarette and I feel like crap.. like I’m crawling out of my skin, like I’m on an adrenaline rush, just shaky and I don’t feel like myself…

I can’t do it.. nope, not a chance.. feel like I’m going to explode really..

It’s hard to explain or maybe it isn’t, I don’t know I just feel weird, and off, and odd, time is like blurred.. just so weird..

Yeah I need a cigarette.. and I’m going to have one…


Avantree Saturn Bluetooth Music Adapter Review


New day, new review from me! This on is over on TestFreaks!


"Bluetooth is found everywhere it seems, in speakers, phones, tablets and our computers but there are a lot of things that still don’t have Bluetooth. For example, my favorite set of earphones is the Future Sonics Atrio M5s and they’re wired so I’m sort of stuck being attached to whatever audio source I’m using. There are ways to make them wireless and one of them is what I have for review today, the Avantree Saturn Bluetooth Music Adapter that allows you to use any wired headphones wirelessly. The Saturn though can do more than that, it actually has two modes, one for transmitting and one for receiving. The receiving option is for like my example, I can turn any set of headphones or even speakers into a wireless audio device to stream audio to. The transmitting option allows you to turn any non-Bluetooth device into a Bluetooth one. I’ve tested both modes and it certainly exceeded my expectations and worked perfectly in both modes.  So read on to learn more abut a very useful little gadget…"

SoundWave II Bluetooth Speaker Review


A new day, a new review by me… this one is over on DragonSteelMods..



Quote: “Mobile phone accessories are a big business obviously, especially Bluetooth, you’ll find plenty of them out there. One of the more popular items is speakers, why? Well because sometimes the speaker in your phone just isn’t that good or that loud, so you need something better. Today for review I have the SoundWave II Bluetooth speaker but it’s also a speakerphone so you can use it for music or to answer phones calls. This little speaker is very well made, and it’s loud and clear ever at high volumes. The SoundWave II is Bluetooth but it also has a standard 3.5mm jack so you can use it with devices that don’t have Bluetooth, so it’s a versatile little gadget for sure. The battery life is excellent offering up to ten hours of music or talk time and an amazing 800 hours of standby time! SO read on to learn more… “

Google Play Needs Credit Card for Free Purchases Now?



So this is annoying, I went to get a FREE ebook last night on Google Play and it’s asking me for a credit card? What the hell is up with that? This is one of the big reasons I hate iTunes, Apple says you need a credit card for free apps and games, which makes no sense to me at all. Why do I need to have a credit card for a free item?

I guess I sort of can understand with apps or games as there could be in-app purchases etc, but an ebook has no such things. Even then I’m loathe to leave my credit card linked to anything I don’t have to.

Got my kids an iPod Touch long ago and I sure don’t want them accessing iTunes with my card linked to it, just can’t fathom why really Apple or Google needs a credit card for free items? It makes no sense to me at all. I’ve honestly never bought anything on iTunes, I get them the free games and then once a month or so I check and add more and delete some they didn’t like. There’s plenty of free games there to never really have to buy anything, but yet they want a credit card for the free stuff….

I like the free eBooks, I like to get in on those Humble Bundle and other ebooks deals when I see them, but sometimes Google Play has classics I’ve never read listed for free, or ones that I would like to read again. I take my tablet with me to kids karate class where I get to sit for 2.5 hours and do nothing, so reading is my way of doing something constructive with the time.

Oh well… whatever.. such is life…