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What’s Best For Gaming? Android or iOS?


Android came later than iOS, but it was pretty quick to gain momentum and it still holds the largest share of the mobile market. Nowadays, more than 55% of the market share was held by Android, according to research. The issue which one is better- Android or iOS, has become a sort of a crucial dilemma and a source of constant quarrels and arguments among technology geeks. And it’s not just geeks; even ‘normal’ people become more interested and engaged in this fierce debate.

Goospery Samsung Galaxy S6 Canvas Diary Case Review


new review by me over on Technogog…

Link:  http://technogog.com/review/review-of-goospery-samsung-galaxy-s6-canvas-diary-case/

“Up for review today I’ve got another case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 but this is a diary style case with pockets for ID, credit cards and money and of course a space for your phone. The case is from a company called Goospery and it’s something that you can take with you when you want to travel light. The case is made of canvas with a silicone inside to protect your phone and it even has a built-in stand. Read on to learn more… ”