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Why I Want a Google Nexus 7


I need a new tablet, I did have a rather nice Acer Iconia A500 but I dropped it and shattered the screen sadly. I do have a small 7” and a big 10” left, but they’re not exactly name brand. The 10” tablet did cost quite a bit though, and it’s not bad overall, but it’s dated and not updated so I use the newer 7” one now.

News for December 19th 2012

Yeah whatever…

Ever notice that when you’re waiting for a delivery it won’t come until you’re in the bathroom or have to leave the house? it happens all the time to me, I wait here for my deliveries and they won’t come unless I decide to get in the shower and then the doorbell will ring. Or they’ll come right after I leave to pick up my kids from school. They have hours and and hours to deliver but yet they won’t come except for that 30 minute windows that I’m not here. I don’t get it….

Anyway, read the news…