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Red Carbon Fiber Leather Case for HTC One Reviewed


Yeppers, it’s a new review! I’ve got a lot of HTC One cases and I’m going to be doing a roundup of them over on TestFreaks very soon.. so keep an eye out for that.. 



Quote: "I’ve reviewed a lot of HTC One cases and yes I’m back with another one! This case is what you might call budget or inexpensive as it comes in at under $12, but it’s very nice for the price. Carbon Fiber is popular, it looks nice and it’s durable, leather is great as well, it’s stylish and durable too, combine the two and you’ve got something very unique. Up for review today I have a case for the HTC One which is leather and carbon fiber together and it’s red in color, the case is thin and lightweight but will do a good job of protecting your phone."

Red Aluminum Shine Cover for HTC One Reviewed


And it’s another review by me……


Quote: "So I’ve got another review of a case for the HTC One, yes I’ve got a lot of them, and this one an oddly named one, it’s actually called the HTC One Shine Aluminum Cover, which to me just sounds weird, but hey, whatever. It’s  a case and that’s all we need to know I guess right? The case is thin with a red aluminum back and a soft inner lining. The price is under $15, and overall it’s not a bad case, it covers the back and sides and leaves the top and bottom fully open. So read on…"

Global Hawk Portable Bluetooth Speaker / MP3 Player Review


Yep new review by me over on Mobility Digest..



Quote: "So I’m back with another review for you, and then I’ll have another in a day or two actually. Today though I have a portable Bluetooth speaker, but it’s much more than that as you’ll soon see once you keep reading the rest of the review. The speaker is from a company called Global Hawk, and was sent over for review by My Trendy Phone, I’ve never heard of Global Hawk and I’m sure you haven’t either, but I’m always up to give anything a go and overall I’m impressed by this little speaker. This speaker is very well made and it’s heavy, I mean really heavy, or at least much more than I expected it to be, it’s made of metal and plastic and just overall it’s not bad… so read on.."



It’s been a while since I posted one of these but this one deserves it I think.

This company has been calling and hanging up on my answering machine and just being annoying.

I never signed up for it, no one in my house signed up for it so I can only assume they got my home number by some nefarious means by buying a list.

We are on the Federal and State Do Not Call Lists, but yet they still keep calling, I don’t get.


This number is 845-764-9444 and it’s for All About the Baby and here’s the info I found:

All About The Baby, LLC
Customer Service # 800-347-3535

9-5pm EST Mon-Fri



Team Group Color Turn 2gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review


New day, new review!

Review Link:

Review Snipit:
"Up for review today I have the Team Group Color Turn E902 32gb USB 3.0 flash drive. Yes I know it’s just a flash drive, they’ve become very commonplace but they’re also indispensable, at least they are in my opinion. This drive from Team Group runs off the UBS 3.0 interface so you can expect fast read and write speeds and from my testing and comparison you’ll get them for sure. I’ve tested the drive on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces and it performs extremely well on both, so read on to learn more… "

For Sale: AT&T HTC Titan Windows Phone and Accessories

So I upgraded my phone to an HTC One and I now have my HTC Titan Windows Phone just sitting here.. So I’d like to get $195 the whole bundle. The phone alone is selling for $130+ on Amazon used and mine is basically new, I take very good care of my phones…


-AT&T of course, updated to latest firmware
-Got an HTC One, don’t need this phone now
-Comes with everything as new
-Comes with screen protector installed
-Mint condition, has had case and screen protector on it since about day one
-Official HTC Dock (never really used it)
-Official HTC Hard Case with Kickstand HC C652
-Carbon fiber style two piece plastic case (never really used it)
-Yellow/clear silicone case
-Just the phone is selling for $170 + ship on Amazon
Phone is in mint condition with the exception of a tiny 1-2mm scratch on back that was actually caused by the official HTC case.