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My Chair Keeps Falling Down!!!!!!


So that’s my chair up there, it’s comfortable and I really like the fact that the arms fold up and back and out of the way, I can use one, both or none. I picked it up at Office Depot a year ago, well it was a year in March. It’s called the Realspace Calusa Mesh Mid-Back Chair (link HERE).

A couple months ago it started falling down, the chair was just a year old really so how can it be broke already?

It seems every year I have to buy a new desk chair, and I don’t get it? This chair I have now is selling at Office Depot for $189.99 but when I got it it was priced at like around $250 . I didn’t pay that though thankfully, I got it on a big sale they were having for a little less than $100, it was this weekend furniture sale or whatever  it was, I just know it was a good deal, or so I thought…

Why do I have to buy a new chair every year? They should last longer than that, especially for the price, you’d think anyway.

I got that chair to replace another one I had gotten only a year before for $150.00, I was thinking that if I got one more expensive then it would last, but apparently I was wrong. I had the same problem with the other chair, it kept falling down after less than a year of owning it.

I’m not heavy, I’m only about 175lbs and I’m 6 foot tall, so it’s not my weight surely. I don’t know, I sure don’t want to buy yet another chair. It seems every year I have to buy a new chair because the pneumatic cylinder fails and the chair falls down.

Years ago I got one for free used and it lasted a good three years before it broke, and it wasn’t the cylinder either, a metal section broke. That one I got for free was one that I had owned the longest and it was just a basic, cheap, task chair.

I don’t know.. it just annoys me really… nothing is made good anymore, it’s all cheap and doesn’t last…

HTC External Battery Bank BB G400 Review


And it’s a new review by me over on Mobility Digest…

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-htc-external-battery-bank-bb-g400/

Quote: "I think we all know who HTC is, they make some of the best phones out there I think. Many of my phones have been HTC brand and I’ve been happy with the all, but they make do make more than phones. Today for review I have the HTC BB G400 or the External Battery Back, which is what it sounds like, an external battery to provide extra power to your devices like phones and tablets. The HTC battery pack is very small and portable but it contains a 3000mAh rechargeable battery that should be more than enough to charge your phone a couple times. The battery pack has a standard USB port on it for output power which means you can pretty much charge anything powered by USB with it. So read on to learn more… "