Busy and loving it, and I got a new ipod!


So believe it or not I’ve never owned an ipod, I’ve got a few mp3 players that work fine for me, and even those have been sort of retired in favor of using my ATT Tilt as my media player, but I got the 4th Gen Ipod Nano, the Product Red color, and I really like it, especially the accelerometer feature, though they need to get more games for it to utilize it better for that… overall though I think it’s kinda cool, not sure how much use I’ll get out of it, but it’ll come in handy for reviewing ipod accessories, and we all know there’s tons of those out there..

DSCF7263oh and I even got it engraved as Apple offers free engraving, so that’s rather cool

as for me, I’m keeping very busy and it’s great really, there’s nothing like being busy and feeling like you’re getting something done…

over at TestFreaks we’ve got reviews scheduled, 7 days per week, until November 7th already, so I’ve got a full plate, and of course I’ve got several things for my own site, DragonSteelMods as well with more products coming in all of the time for both sites…

I like it when companies email me and ask me to review their products, it really makes me feel good knowing that they value my opinion, it’s nice with the companies I’ve already worked with as then I know they respect possibly and are at least happy with my work, but it’s also cool when new companies approach me to review their products also, that means I’m getting noticed! This is nothing new of course but I’ve just never talked about it before on here, but it does make me feel good, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside 😉

reviewing products can be tricky though, I’ve read many reviews out there and I’m amazed at what passes for a review sometimes, a PC case review for example, how do you review a case without actually installing a system in it? I don’t understand how you can do that, but I guess that’s just me and my standards or my thoughts of what a review should be…

when you’re reviewing product though, you need to be honest, even if it means you might lose that company as your sponsor, been there done that, but the review should be honest, at least in your opinion. there’s always going to be someone out there that will disagree with you about something, if you give something a good review, there’s going to be someone who doesn’t agree and thinks the product is not that good, but it’s opinion and that’s all it is..

I’ll be the first to admit that at times I can be long winded, but I like details, I like lots of pictures and I’m sure many people out there like it too, so my reviews can get long, but oh well, that’s my style at least for my site.

Over at TestFreaks I’ve been doing video unboxings instead of a whole bunch of pictures and descriptions of the products, that works well I think, and then a gallery of still shots near the end of the review..

oh well.. speaking of long winded, this post is…

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