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Praying Mantis pics..

So I was done shopping the other day at the grocery store and returned my buggy to the stall, on the ground in the parking lot was a praying mantis just sitting there, so I figured I’d take some pictures of him..


IMAGE_003  IMAGE_005



why.. I don’t know.. I think they’re rather cool little bugs…  he watched me take pictures of him, and let me get pretty close before he got on the defensive.. just weird seeing one sitting in a parking lot..

DMCA Takedown Notice…

hmm.. so today I got to send my first DMCA Takedown Notice!

an obvious spam site copied and pasted one of my reviews that I did over at Tiltmobility, they couldn’t even host the pictures, they’re still linked to Tiltmobility..

the site, which I won’t link to, is hosted on, and they have a system for the takedown notices..

of course they ask for proof, well gee, I just sent them links to both pages to compare.. that’s more than enough proof there..

I hate spammers…

When everything goes wrong in life….

When everything just seems to go wrong in life how does one cope?

Especially when it seems to all happen at once…

Just when I think I’m geting ahead something comes along and takes it all away from me…

I don’t get it… I have to ask ‘why me?’

A few months ago my wife hit the curb and ripped a hole in one of my tires, I come to find that I had to replace two tires instead of just the one because it’s an all-wheel drive vehicle… so $350 later I’ve got two new tires..

fast forward a couple months, wife wrecks car again.. this time hits someone, does a bit of damage to the right side of car…

fast forward to this past friday, wife swerves because guy cuts her off, rips hole in relatively new tire again…

go to mechanic yesterday (monday) can’t have tire until today, fine…. leave busted tire, go home..

come tuesday (today) I go to get new tire put on, only to find that the rim is bent as well, so now I need a new rim also….

fine, come back home, leave again to go pick up kids from school…

on way home, school bus does a hit and run on my car… stupid lady cut the corner too sharp (I was behind the line where you’re supposed to stop at light) hits left front fender, I get out of car to inspect, see scratches, turn around and the bus is long gone, apparently she floored it when she saw me get out of car… I couldn’t back up to chase her, there were cars behind me, so I had to go around block, and of course after that she’s long gone… and OF COURSE no one saw anything at all including the crossing guard who saw her hit me…


TiltMobility Grand Opening GiveAway



If you’ve paid attention a bit you’d know that I also write for as well.

They’ve decided to do a bit of a Grand Opening GiveAway to celebrate.

So hop on over and check it out!


3 copies Ilium software
3 Copies Motion Apps
Astraware $10.00 of Casino Promo Code TILTCASINO
Boxwave case, and a ton of other stuff! (accessories)


"After a few weeks of working very hard on our Website Layout, and content, Tilt Mobility is ready to invite you to our Grand Opening! Tilt Mobility has tons of Giveaways, Contests, & Discounts in store for all of our readers to take advantage of! "

No DSL today!!

GACK.. my DSL was out for over 10 hours today…

I was like losing my mind, I used my phone, but I’m gonna end up paying for data charges.. I was just thinking of adding unlimited data to my service, but now I guess I need to..

anyway, I’ve been with Verizon DSL for about 5 years, and this is the only outage so far, besides of course power failures, but that’s not heir fault..

so I guess I can’t complain too much..