mSnack – a video snack for your mobile!

So I was bopping around the internet and ran across an interesting little site called mSnack, the ‘m’ in the title means mobile, as in cellphones.. The idea of the site is to send movie video clips to your cellphone in the form of text messages. I tried it out for a few of them and they’ve got a few different categories to pick from including hot girl videos, anime, movie previews, viral videos and a few more..

Here’s a screen shot of the site:


The site itself is kind of plain, and looks very empty, but when viewed from your mobile it’s much fuller.

How it works is you subscribe to what categories you want and they send you a text message with a link in to to download the video to your phone, I hooked my phone up via my WiFi and it worked fine and fast.

There are several categories as I said but I’m sure their most popular one is the hot girl video clips, but they aren’t really R or X rated or anything like that, it’s just a girl in a Bikini dancing around. Of course there’s a link attached to the video as well so you can view more if you wish.


I guess I’m considered Otaku, as I like my anime, all kinds of it and of course I had to try the Anime category as well to see what it was like, they sent me a little 30 second clip, kind of like a trailer or preview.


The quality is ok, on my Tilt I’ve got a 320×240 screen, so the res is a bit higher than say a flip phone, so the image was a big grainy, and pixellated, but I guess you can’t expected dvd quality from a download to your phone, it’s not like speeds are broadband like and the idea of course is to get the content to you fast.

Though it would be nice if they added an option for higher quality for those that wish to receive it…

Oh well, it’s neat, stop by and check them out at:

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