Daily Archives: October 2, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

So, yesterday my hard drive died one me.. yesterday morning actually, it was making loud noises like it was searching alot so I thought mayb disk cleanup and defrag would help things out.. ran all that, still no difference but the hdd was getting louder, making noises it shouldn’t make.. so I restarted my computer and that was that, wouldn’t boot anymore, no errors, no nothing.

Using vista ultimate 32bit, so I ran the repair disk thing and that did do anything for me…

I had just gotten Vista Ultimate 64bit last week, didn’t install it yet as I was waiting for my new 500gig hard drive to get here, it got here yesterday of course..

so I’ve had 6 drives die on me in less than a year, western digitals and seagates, and I’ve had a maxtor die in the past as well, so who does that leave for hdd manufacturers? Hitachi?

so I’m still recovering, luckily my data is still intact, at least what I needed to get at..

got Crysis Warhead for review, but it’s a download, in toal it’s a little over 13 gigs between Warhead and Wars, so I’m still re-downloading that as I type this, got warhead already though…

also I got a nice brand new Radeon 4870 vid card which I really didn’t get to play with, ran benchmarks but that’s about it…

I’m swamped with work, but I like being busy!