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Christmas and the Holidays and death by shopper

I hate Christmas, but I didn’t always, when I was young it was this magical time of the year (that sounds cheesy I know) but Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years were always a happy time.. then I guess that’s from a child’s perspective who didn’t see the stuff going on behind the scenes. What I do remember though were fun times, family gatherings, lots of food, and of course more family and presents.

I remember the shopping yes, it was fun trying to find that perfect gift for your friends and family, but I don’t ever remember people getting killed over a product on sale… where has the common sense in the world today gone? Since when is getting a few dollars off a product worth the life of an innocent person?

I look back and everything has changed, and sadly it’s not for the better, only worse, much worse.. I can remember a time when people left their doors open, their windows open and even their cars open, now though we’ve got security systems on everything, bars on the windows and even cameras monitoring our houses. When did society degrade to the point it has? When did people not care anymore about others? Now we have to worry about home invasions, car jackings, kidnappings, robberies and getting hit by a stray bulllet in a drive by, it’s to the point I don’t like my kids going out, I would be more than happy if they stayed at home and watched TV, played with their toys, or whatever, but just stayed home where they’re relatively safe.

We’ve evolved into a society where bad things are so common that we’ve become numb to them, so numb that a story like the guy getting killed by shoppers over a deal gets the second page of the paper and something about Brittany Spears (or fill in name here) gets the first page coverage. There was a time when we as a society would be outraged by something like this, but the majority out there aren’t. The person or persons out there who killed this guy know they did it, and those who walked over his body, and those that even stepped on the police and paramedics should be ashamed, and should take a step back and try and find their humanity again.

I’ve lost most of my faith in humanity long ago, I’ve seen too much and been a victim myself a couple times, that I’ve learned that there isn’t much hope left unless something drastic happens to change people and their attitudes towards their fellow humans. If we as a society don’t change soon, it’s going to get a lot worse…

I thought Christmas was a time for giving, but it’s turned into a time for greed, and not only by the companies that sell the products but by the consumers as well. Sure when I was younger Christmas was commercialized, but no where near the point it is today, Christmas has lost all of it’s meaning, the only thing there now is shopping, spending money, getting things, which is just greed.

I don’t quite understand why people who aren’t Catholic or Christian celebrate Christmas, sure there are those that are and do, but the meaning of Christmas has long since been forgotten and been replaced by a different meaning altogether…

I don’t know…

I’m on the radio!!

Woo-Hoo I’m on the Radio!

Well, not really me, but one of my quotes from a review is..

I reviewed the Epson Workforce 600 over at a while ago and they used my quote in their new radio spot advertisement, so that’s rather cool..

though they didn’t credit me actually, they credited the site, but oh well, it’s something, and I know it’s my work!

one of my media contacts already mentioned to me he heard it on the radio, and congratulated me on it..

pretty cool…

IDE No More!

Oh Well.. so last night I officially went IDE no more.. no IDE conenctions at all in my computer, everything is SATA… woo-hoo… dunno why I feel excited about it though…

I got the new Samsung Super-Writemaster SATA burner with Lightscribe, and I ‘ve got a Qlfix enabled SATA dvdrw burner as well.. if you don’t know about Qflix it’s a rather cool service where you can buy and burn movies, so you download them and you’ve got a physical copy in your hands.. of course you’ve got to use special blank DVDs , but they aren’t really much mroe than others, it would be nice though if they were lightscribe capable as well to make your own labels…

anyway, I’m gong to have a full review of the Qflix burner and service and a review of the new Samsung as well coming up on TestFreaks soon..