I Hate People continued…

Earlier I posted about how I’ve learned to hate people basically, at least it seems I find the goofballs, or maybe they’re attracted to me.. dunno, haven’t really figured it out yet..

but I’ve got another reason to hate people now..

so my friend asked me to help him fix up on of his apartments to get ready to rent for the 1st of September and this place was a mess.. I’ve been over there a few hours a day for the last couple days..

now normally he doesn’t allow pets in his apartments, but he thought he was being nice by letting these people have their dog with them.. mistake #1 apparently, just because you are nice to someone doesn’t mean they’ll be nice to you… this dog pretty much pissed all over the carpets and left stains on them, these are light tan carpets mind you… but the stains did come out, he called over one of his ‘other guys’ who do cleanup work like that and he got the stains out, but of course it still smells like dog, so the carpets will have to be scrubbed a couple times… apparently also they didn’t care to clean the apartment either, there was dog hair everywhere to be found, the place was just a mess really..

oh and if you rent don’t put large holes in the walls please, it’s not fun fixing them… little finish nails are fine, they fix easily, but these people decided to use screws with anchors all over the place and in the oddest places as well, these left 1/2″ sized holes in the walls, there was at least 25 of them that I had to fill..

but the best part was the dart board they decided to hang up, and from what I saw they weren’t very good at darts either, there was a spot at least 7 feet high by 5 feet wide just full of little tiny holes, and of course one bare spot int he middle where the dart board was…

not only all of this damage was there, but before they left they went on vacation and bought a house, mind you though their lease wasn’t up, they just decided to bail towards the end of the lease, and I find out that they even still owe him a couple months back rent as well!!! So now of course he has to pay me and the other guy to fix and clean the place, but he’s also going to have to go to court to fight to get the back rent…

Try to be nice and things like this happen, it’s amazing how people take advantage of the kindness of others and have no respect at all for other peoples property.. I would never think of doing something like that to someone elses place!

The world we live in is going downhill and has been for quite sometime, I’m hoping that maybe it will change but it jsut seems to be getting worse, people just don’t care anymore about anything, old values are gone, there seems to be no kind of respect anymore at all for anything or anyone..