Retiring.. sort of… and a new job .. sort of

Well semi-retiring anyway, at least from my main site, it’s going to be relegated to a ‘hobby’ or part-time status. I’ll still be doing reviews there but just not to the extent we have been, we’re about to hit 500 reviews actually, so I guess that’s something to celebrate anyway….

I’m thinking of maybe trying to get some more help with it though, it’s just become a bit too much for me now… I’d like to get a female reviewer actually to possibly bring in more female viewers, I’ve got many requests to review the new iPhone related stuff, but Tom is just too busy to handle it all with his own work..

and I’m heading or running the product review program at as of a couple days ago.

They were doing a few reviews here and there, but not much, but not it’s officially going to have a review section etc.

My own site will still be there, I’m just not going to put as much time into it personally, it’s to the point where I need to upgrade the sever and cannot afford to do it, the server now can barely handle the traffic, and I make little money from it, so I can’t justify the upgrade of the server when it can’t even pay for itself now.. but who knows, maybe on down the line I can worry about that..

as for now I’m directing my full attention to Testfreaks…

They’re already doing extremely well with an Alexa rank of a little over 14,000 so it should be no problem dropping that rank even more by adding the reviews and additional forums sections. We’ll be adding a forum section just for the reviews to discuss them and ask questions about the products being reviewed and a News section where I will post affiliate news to and press releases that come in about cool new products.

Oh well.. stop and visit me some time over there, it’s going to be a few weeks before the reviews start popping up, but once we get in full swing, it’ll be lots of fun!