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The HiPhone on Google Adsense

So I was checking a recent post to my other site for hiphone formatting etc and one of my Google Ads was for the HiPhone! Check it out, it’s the China HiPhone that you can ‘Buy from China’ for $158.80, and of course that’s with the 30% savings..

talk about a blatant rip-off, they just added one letter.. it’s trip really, how did something like this go unnoticed by the Google Adsense team, I thought they had some policy about ads like these…

oh well, I wonder if the phone’s any good though?!

Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao

I’ve always had a sweet spot for dark chocolate, so DSCF3996 browsing the aisles yesterday I had a craving for chocolate and spotted some very dark chocolate from Ghiradelli with 86% cacao content. It’s aptly named Intense Dark with a sub-name of Midnight Reverie. You can find it on the Ghirardelli website HERE

I picked up this bar at CVS Pharmacy Store near me for $2.50 each. Not bad, it’s a fairly large bar at 3.17oz or 90grams.

From the back of the bar:

The deep, full bodied flavor is noticeable upfront with hints of dark cherries, dried plums and roasted flavor from the high cacao content. The supremely smooth texture has a fine, crisp snap with overall round, warm chocolate notes that linger for lasting, enchanting finish.

This stuff is very dark and bitter, it’s almost as if there’s DSCF4012 no sugar in it at all, and as the description implies it does have a very lingering taste, this chocolate is very good, but it is very strong. For those of you not into dark chocolate I’d suggest staying away from this as it is very bitter and does stay with you for quite a while. This type of chocolate is the type that you only eat one or two squares at a sitting, then wrap it back up for later consumption.

This is nothing like Hershey’s Semi-Sweet chocolate, actually not even in the league with it…

The aroma is strong as well, with a very faint nutty fragrance, specifically like hazelnuts. Tasting it one finds an almost sour taste as it melts on your tongue, and when swallowing it feels thick and pasty in the throat. Overall it’s a very satisfying experience that will linger in your mouth for quite a bit afterwards and alter the tastes of any food that follows…

I can highly recommend this chocolate to anyone who appreciates a good dark chocolate bar!

Rant: All these Fees Suck!

So far this month I’ve racked up $28.80 in fees from Paypal for receiving payments…

we know Paypal is ridiculous with their fees… but this is adding up quickly now…

It costs me $2.50 to withdraw money from my Paypal account at an ATM, but then Paypal charge me $1 on top of that.. so it costs me $3.50 to get my own money?!?!

and I thought it was free to get money if I bought something with my Paypal card, y’know if I buy something and get cash back.. but apparently it’s not, they charge $1 for that as well…


I paid my Electric Bill yesterday over the phone and it cost me $5.95

I paid my car today over the phone and it cost me $10 ?!?!

Stupid Chase Auto Finance doesn’t have an online payment system in my state.. I don’t quite understand that though, what exaclty does the state have to do with online payments?

-my last car was through Chrysler and I could easily pay them on the web every month, the fee was 50 cents but I’d take 50 cents over $10 anyday obviously..

Seriously, WTF?!  Why do I have to pay to give them my money?

I mean, you want my money, but I have to pay you to give it to you.. how does that work?!?

I wonder if all of these fees are tax deductible?

iPhone.. GACK! Things it can’t do that my Tilt can!

OK, the new iPhone is out, but damn I’m already sick of hearing about it…

Go over to Digg and you’ll see several stories about the iPhone or something related to it, and htat’s not just Digg, pretty much everywhere..

I’m sick of hearing about it already, people are acting like it’s this wonderfully amazing thing that’s going to change the world, it’s not going to, it’s a phone for f*cks sake…

Hey I love my phone, an HTC TytnII or ATT Tilt, but I’m not gloating over it.. maybe it’s time I should though… It’s a vastly superior phone even though it’s a year old now

my phone can do pretty much everything the iPhone can and it can do everything the iPhone can’t, all those things that people are complaining about and much more!

Let’s see:

Copy and Paste – Check!

Real GPS -Check!

Turn by Turn GPS navigation – Check!

3 megapixel camera – Check!

Pop/Imap Email – Check!

Don’t have to have itunes account – Check!

Can surf and talk – Check!

Bluetooth Stereo – Check!

Customizable – Check!

Videos – Check!

and I can go on and on about what the Tilt can do that the iPhone can’t.. The Tilt is a far superior phone over all!

iPhone.. Blah, Gack… Go Away you bother me…

I hate people….

So last week the 9th, my wife went to pick kids up from daycare, my 2yr old son, opened the car door a bit farther than my wife had opened it and it touched the car next to ours, it left a scuff mark that could be rubbed out with your finger.. big deal right?

Not a f*cking chance, I just got a phone call from my insurance company that these people filed a claim and that there’s a huge dent in their car…

how much damage could a 2yr old do really?

The thing that bugs me the most is of coruse that I wasn’t there to see this, but what really intrigues me is that the car itself has not been there since this incident so I can’t even look to see the damage of take pictures..

The lady was rude and ignorant and sceamed at my wife, my wife came home upset and crying because of this stupid lady…

My wife says it’s an older car anyway with numerous dents and dings in it, but still though how much damage could a 2yr old do in like two feet of space between the cars…

Also what bothers me is that the lady said she was going to talk to her husband and see if he could possibly do something bout it, now I don’t think this guy is an autobody expert, so I’m suspicious that this guy may have done more damge when he tried to ‘fix’ it..

it was a scuff, you could have rubbed it off with your finger, there’s no work that was needed to fix it…

I’m tired of being nice, I’m sick of it, no one else is so why should I be right?!?

I’ve got numerous dents and dings in my car from that parking lot, the first was when my car was only two months old, I was dropping off ky kids and wasn’t even in there for 10 minutes, it’s a very large mark on my bumper where even the paint is missing, but of course  NO ONE claimed it or apologized for it….

Kennywood Park.. blah

So we went to Kennywood park on friday, it was blah, not really fun, I guess the main reason it wasn’t fun is because I’m broke and basically have no money to spend on things like fun, I have bills to pay and they are what’s important in life, not having fun…

but anyway, it was my 2yr olds first time there and he really had a blast, he loved it, he wanted to ride the rides and play games, it was like he’d been there before, he’s a little pro at it now it seems…IMAGE_154

but I didn’t take a digital camera with me since I have my phone, I figured that would be my camera.. so here’s a few pics:


I really didn’t take that many, it was just a bit much with the kids to keep track of everything, but the pics are pretty good for a cellphone

Edit: oh and this is my first post to this blog using Windows Live Writer, for whatever reason I see one of the thumbnails lnks to teh same picture.. oh well, it’s late.. I’m going to be

GoDaddy Sucks.. and I need a new host.. Part two?!

Apparently someone at GoDaddy reads my blog, I got a call this afternoon from the ‘office of the president’ of GoDaddy and he referenced this blog posting.. that’s a trip isn’t it?

Well he was nice, but didn’t solve my problem, from what we gathered it could be a couple things, one is that there is a limit of 50 connections at one time to the database pulling data, there could be 200+ people on my site looking at it but only 50 can actually access the database…

Related to the DB, I also learned that there is no limit on the size of the database, I read somewhere a while ago that there was a 200mb limit on databases on GoDaddy shared hosting, but that limit was changed, too bad that they don’t mention this size anywhere on their site, maybe they should list that somewhere…

another problem could be the database itself, it was locking up for some reason, he recommended I optimize it… well I went into the backend of my site and deleted 4853 database entries, and then another 582 on top of that, I deleted old stuff from years ago, when you delete things in mambo it goes into the trash bin just like Windows, you have to go in and empty it just like Windows, well obviously I haven’t done that in a while, and considering you can only select 50 items at one time it took me a while…

so we’ll see if that lightened the DB any, going to do a backup shortly, and I know there is some other old entries in there that can be deleted as well…

but I think the real problem presently is the connections limitation and there is no way around that other than upgrading my hosting to a virtual dedicated server.. which is cost prohibitive right now..

hmm.. Hey GoDaddy.. Wanna be the official sponsor of DragonSteelMods?

hehe.. had to try..