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Fracking Thunderstorms…

I hate this time of the year, yeah it’s nice that it’s finally warm and all but now it’s time for Thunderstorms and power outages.

We had a nice big thunderstorm last night, power went out four times, and the kids don’t like the noise, they’re scared of it, I can’t figure out why, but I guess most kids are scared of them.

But anyway, I was upstairs last night with my 2 yr old son, comforting him, or at least trying to, an the power wnet out the first time, normally when a storm is overhead I power down my system just to be safe, but I didn’t because I was with the baby and because of it I lost my Altec Lansing speakers… I came downstairs and heard this loud buzzing sound and couldn’t figure out where it came from, well it was the speakers, they are shot… I guess I should be happy that’s all that happened, but everything was plugged into the same power strip and that’s the only thing that died. The speakers were old, not even made anymore, but they’re good quality and the sound was excellent from them, they were 2.1 speakers, meaning just two satellite speakers and a sub-woofer, but I really liked them not only because of the good sound but because the right speaker also controlled everything, bass, treble, volume, power and also a headphone jack.

Now I’m using the set from my secondary system, an OK Boston Acoustics 2.1 speaker system, I can’t turn them off, and they only have volume control on the right speaker. They sound alright, but nowhere near as good as the Altec Lansings did.. so I’m bummed

Krusell Touch Screen Pointer Review

So the other day I posted my first review for Tiltsite, the Triforce Stylus. It was sent from Krusell actually, but it’s a Triforce brand pointer. They sell them to other companies to brand and sell themselves.

It’s an interesting little device that works well, you can read my full review HERE about it if you wish to.

It’s nice as you won’t have to worry about losing your stylus since it’s built into the phone strap itself.


So if you’ve paid any atention I’ve got me an AT&T Tilt cellphone, or an HTC 8925, or you might call it an HTC TyTn II.

Anyway, i was chatting back and forth with Doug who runs it and he asked if I wanted to do some writing over there about things Tilt and HTC related, so of course I said yes..

I heven’t done much over there yet, so my name doesn’t appear often, but it will…

anyway, stop by and visit Tiltsite

Check them out..

The Elusive Black Squirrel

So last week I was helping a friend of mine out with one of his apartments, working on re-painting the porch roof, and of course he was running late, so while I was waiting I snapped some pictures with my phone of a Black Squirrel that was running about looking for food… you don’t see many black colored Squirrels so I thought it was rather interesting and worth noting…

Here’s the pics I took, you can click them to open to larger (1024×768) size:

Childrens Hospital…

So, my son was admitted into hospital, he’s only 2 years old and doesn’t understand what’s going on, all these people coming in and poking and prodding him, he’s got an IV stuck in his arm.. and he’ll be there 3-4 days at least and maybe longer depending on how he reacts to anti-biotics

this sucks

Father’s Day…. Blah

So it’s Father’s Day.. and it’s blah…

The baby (2 yr old) was up and down most of the night, when he finally woke up this morning I found him miserable and his face and neck are swollen to three times their normal size and he’s talking funny.

He says his ear hurts, so obviously it’s an ear infection and it can’t wait until tomorrow to see doctor so I had to call mom to come back home from work.

She just got to work and had to turn back around to come back home.

So she just took baby to Children’s Hospital emergency room a few minutes ago…

so much for Father’s Day… it makes me sad to see him in pain and miserable, I feel so useless that I can’t help him to make it stop hurting, but he’s on the way with mom to see doctor so he’ll get medicine to make him better and help him

a bit hasty..

So I’m a bit hasty maybe in my decision to just quit this site… it was posted out of anger, and like anything you should always be thinking clearly…

anyway, I need a new template now I guess as this one appears to be vulnerable in some way.. and I’ve got to re-upload all of the images as well as I essentially went in via FTP and hit delete to make sure everything was gone.. fun-fun