Fracking Thunderstorms…

I hate this time of the year, yeah it’s nice that it’s finally warm and all but now it’s time for Thunderstorms and power outages.

We had a nice big thunderstorm last night, power went out four times, and the kids don’t like the noise, they’re scared of it, I can’t figure out why, but I guess most kids are scared of them.

But anyway, I was upstairs last night with my 2 yr old son, comforting him, or at least trying to, an the power wnet out the first time, normally when a storm is overhead I power down my system just to be safe, but I didn’t because I was with the baby and because of it I lost my Altec Lansing speakers… I came downstairs and heard this loud buzzing sound and couldn’t figure out where it came from, well it was the speakers, they are shot… I guess I should be happy that’s all that happened, but everything was plugged into the same power strip and that’s the only thing that died. The speakers were old, not even made anymore, but they’re good quality and the sound was excellent from them, they were 2.1 speakers, meaning just two satellite speakers and a sub-woofer, but I really liked them not only because of the good sound but because the right speaker also controlled everything, bass, treble, volume, power and also a headphone jack.

Now I’m using the set from my secondary system, an OK Boston Acoustics 2.1 speaker system, I can’t turn them off, and they only have volume control on the right speaker. They sound alright, but nowhere near as good as the Altec Lansings did.. so I’m bummed