Rebates Suck!

I hate mail-in rebates, then again I don’t know many people that actually like them so I’m sure you understand..

Anyway, last month I bought three  EVGA products from NewEgg, I needed to update my system so I got a new motherboard and two video cards. I really wasn’t paying attention that there was a rebate on them I got them because that’s what I wanted and I wanted to match the brands up.

Well it turns out there was a $10 rebate on the mobo and $15 rebate on the video card. Now everywhere you look EVGA and every other company for that matter promotes SLI and that you should buy two cards for the best performance…

So I got three emails a couple days ago mentioning that they got the rebates and were processing them, I checked the status and it says one of my video card rebates was invalid because only one is allowed…

It’s only $15, but it’s still the point, anymore when people are building a system they’ll buy two cards, either for SLI or Crossfire and they know this, so is this just a way to screw over customers?  To save a few bucks here and there by denying the rebates, even though they know people are going to buy two of the cards for SLI? Kind of discourages people from buying two of the cards with the rebates… The point of the rebate is to attract the consumer to buy the products right?

And of course a two weeks after I bought cards  EVGA announces that they are giving Quake Wars for free if you buy one of their video cards…. so I got screwed all around here. I would have rather had Quake Wars than the rebates, if I would have gotten the full rebates it wouldn’t have been enough to pay for the game most likely….

Oh well… sucks to be me!