Busy, Busy Busy…. wow…

So I’m a busy little bee… and it’s great.

I’m writing on another site now, Bona Fide Reviews. Let’s just say the site has changed hands, and is moving in a new direction now.

So as of now I write for or should I say manage.. oh well, something like that…






and Bona Fide Reviews

So I’m keeping very busy, and it’s great… life is good I think…

at least it’s getting better.. this year started out pretty bad with my Mom dying in February and then my Grandmother in April… but I’m getting back into the swing of things. Keeping busy is a great way to keep your mind off other things in life, but I was fairly depressed for a while there, even though I really didn’t show it.. Especially my Mother dying, yes she was sick, but something me kept hoping she would get better and continue living, but it wasn’t meant to be I guess…

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