An update…

Been a while since I’ve updated anything here huh?

Oh well, I’m just way too busy, my capture card died for capturing videos from game consoles, ordered another one but it was DOA, so I had to get it replaced, and of course more games kept coming in for review, I’m like way backed up on console games now..but I spent all day this past Saturday and Sunday just playing games and capturing videos from them for the Wii and Xbox360.

This past Christmas I bought my kids these cheapie little digital cameras, no LCD on the or anything like that, but they liked them quite a bit, but there was recently a Woot Off where they had little Disney 3mp digital camera for $12, so I bought them those ones, they’re not bad, they’re got the LCD on them, expandable with SD cards etc. They’re not bad, especially for the price, and considering they’re for kids they work fine really. It was funny, the other day they were pretending to be product reviewers, I just had to laugh, they think my job is so wonderful, especially the part about playing games… oh well

also I was asked to be a guest blogger or reviewer over on Connect Reviews which was rather cool, I reviewed a cute and yet disturbing Teddy Bear USB Drive.. review is HERE

We’re expanding a bit over at TestFreaks, I put an ad up on CraigsList looking for writers and surprisingly I got quite a few responses to it, one of the caveats in the ad was that I was also looking for female writers to get a female perspective, and I got quite a few who responded, so things are progressing along nicely with that.