4 Reasons that you Need a Mobile Fax


Nowadays, you may think that faxing is no longer needed. A lot of people think this technology is already declining and may no longer exist in the future. However, based on studies, the need for fax service is still growing. This technology is evolving fast and today comes the emergence of mobile fax – the use of a mobile phone as a fax machine.

Basically, how it works is that you can easily view faxes on your mobile device using an app. You will be given a fax number, and with that, you can compose, sign, send, and receive faxes easily.

If you have a business or simply someone who uses fax service regularly, then you might want to consider getting an app that can serve as your fax machine. Here are four reasons why you need a mobile fax.

1. It’s fast and efficient.

In this modern age, speed and efficiency are important in order to keep up with the fast-paced world. If you are on vacation or outside the office, you don’t have to rush in going back just to send a fax. While you are on the road, you can just use an app and easily send or receive. Using your mobile device, you can go snap a photo and fax it. You can also receive a document via email and then fax it. You get to save a lot of time. There are a lot of mobile fax apps right now that you can use such as http://www.faxburner.com.

2. You can go paperless as it allows you to customize signatures.

With traditional fax, you will need to have a document that you have received to be printed on paper, hand-signed, scanned, and lastly, sent by fax. While this is still used nowadays, it is time-consuming and requires a lot of paperwork. With a mobile fax, you eliminate the use of paper since by using a mobile fax app, you will be given an option to fill in text and paste your signature directly to your document. This way, you no longer have to print anything so long as it is not necessary.

3. It sends an email confirmation once the fax is received.

This is one of the features of using a mobile fax that is greatly reassuring. Usually, when you are using a regular fax machine, we do not have a confirmation if the document you have just sent actually went through unless the person on the receiving end calls or informs you that they have received it. Using a mobile fax lets you avoid that and it is very comforting to receive a confirmation immediately after sending a fax.

4. Most of the functions such as editing documents can be used in offline mode.

Just because this fax service is operated in a mobile phone, it does not mean you will need the Internet in order to make use of the functions. You can most definitely edit and sign faxes, or create signatures offline. You can also create editable documents by simply taking a picture using your mobile phone’s camera and then fax it.